Adrienne Maloof Opens Up About Her Relationship With Sean Stewart!

Adrienne Maloof, Sean Stewart

Many people have been surprised by Adrienne Maloof’s new romance with Sean Stewart, son of singer, Rod Stewart. With their twenty year age difference, people have raised their eyebrows and wondered if Adrienne is rebounding from her divorce from Paul Nassif. Now, in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Adrienne is defending her relationship with Sean and his “bad boy” ways.

“This started as a business relationship and now were casually dating. It’s casual, real casual,” Adrienne revealed to PEOPLE Magazine, adding that Sean is ”a lot more mature than a lot of 60-year-olds at this time in his life.”

Sean, who has appeared on Celebrity Rehab, has been in the press many times for his drug addiction, as well as a couple of arrests for assault. “That was when he was a young kid,” Adrienne explains. “He’s been clean and sober for years.”

Adrienne also reveals why she and Sean click. “He understands my world, the entertainment industry and being a public figure,” she says, adding that she is a fan of his father. ”His dad is lovely,” she says, “A very nice person.”

As we reported earlier, Adrienne confirms Sean is NOT living with her. “We are not living together. He has his own place. He has a nice place,” Adrienne said.

Photo Credit: Splash News


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