Adrienne Maloof Opening Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump Mocks Plastic Surgery!

Lisa Vanderpump

Even though Adrienne Maloof has officially left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her feud with Lisa Vanderpump is far from over. Adrienne announced she will be opening her own restaurant, and it is just blocks away from Villa Blanca! Adrienne also dissed Lisa’s restaurant by calling it a “disaster,” and says her restaurant will be a “10” and rates Villa Blanca a “2.” Adrienne is turning this into a competition with Lisa according to TMZ, telling her associates she is going to “kick her ass!”

Adrienne’s restaraunt will offer offer comfort food; steaks, seafood with a Mediterranean twist. It will seat 200 people and will be “celebrity friendly,” with a private entrance in the back!

TMZ caught up with Lisa outside of Villa Blanca and it was clear Lisa wasn’t aware of Adrienne’s restaurant aspirations, but when she heard what Adrienne was saying about Villa Blanca, she did NOT hold back. Lisa mocks photos of Adrienne that allegedly depict Adrienne’s nose job, and her face before plastic surgery. In the video below you can tell Lisa was unaware of Adrienne’s new business venture, and she seems less than pleased to hear the news.

Watch the video of Lisa below!

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: TMZ