Adrienne Maloof on Lisa Vanderpump, “It’s Very High-School & Mean-Girl!”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof recently did an interview with The Examiner, and she talks about her strained relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, being excluded from Villa Blanca’s Anniversary Party, what she thinks needs to change so the two can be cordial, and she even comments on New Housewife, Yolanda Foster. Read what Adrienne said below!

When asked about being excluded from Villa Blanca’s Anniversary Party, and Lisa’s comments that it would have been “hypocritical” and “awkward” to invite her, Adrienne said, “Well, I thought we had moved past that point and apparently she hadn’t yet. I mean, we’re never going to be BFFs. I know that. But I’m hoping we can both be adults and take the pettiness out of our relationship and be polite to each other. I certainly want that for my side, I hope she would want the same.”

As far as moving forward with Lisa, and having a cordial relationship, Adrienne says, “I think she needs to stop with the insulting digs. You can’t just wrap them up in British humor and expect people to think you’re this lovely, sophisticated woman when I think people are smart enough to read through it, and it’s just a dig. There’s more important things to worry about. People are losing their homes on the east coast. So, let’s just get real and stop the bickering and the insulting. To me, it’s very high-school and very mean-girl.”

Adrienne also talks about New Housewife, Yolanda Foster, saying, “I don’t know her…I have only really met her this season. I can’t really comment because I don’t know much about her. I think she’s very strict in her behavior and maybe she needs to… loosen up a little bit? But that’s about it.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Adrienne?

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  1. I know Teresa’s kids aren’t shown in the best light (esp. Milania!) but I just feel uncomfortable trniyg to pass judgement on kids and the way they are raised based on the little bit of time we see them. When my son was younger, some days he would be the poster child for angelic and cuteness. Other times, a trip to Target would end with me stopping at the liquer store on the way home. Especially when he had a moment and, of course, the perfect parents would whisper and stare . Anyway, he was a year and a half and I had him in a mommy and me gymnastics class. There was another woman in the class (who I named fat b%&ch-yes, not my finest moment, I know!). FB had a daughter (who was maybe 3) who was always such a good girl in class, while my son was a hellion, especially in the beginning. I think he may have been a little young for the class, honestly. This B was so MEAN to me and my son! Not openly, but it was the looks, the eye rolls, whispering to the other mothers, telling her daughter that’s not how WE behave in regard to my son. Then of course, there was my finest moment, when he was staning on the chair when we were leaving (I was putting on my shoes) and he fell off. He was fine, but the FB felt the need to have a conversation w/ everyone about safety and share w/ evryone that WE don’t stand on chairs . I kept my mouth shut, but I was annoyed.Fast forward the end of class and my guy had calmed down and was doing pretty well! It was his first experience w/ a class like that so that may have been part of it. The B came to class with her husband and guess what? The perfect child was horrendous! Worse then my son ever was. It was crying, whining, tantrums and so on. Usually I am a nice person, but I could not miss the chance to hit back. Passive agressively, of course, just like her! I took great pleasure in pretty much repeating verbatim, all the comments she made to/about me right back. Plus the eye rolls and dirty looks. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t like it. She was red and gritting her teeth! After class, we went to the bakery in the shopping center for a cookie and the B, Perfect child and hubby were there. Thanfuly, my son was still behaving (her dtr was NOT) and the bakery staff was drooling over him! As we left, I made a point to say, nice and loud That’s not how WE act in the bakery is it? . Then I ruined the tiniest inking of class I had left, when they came out looking frazzled and I was in the car, ready to pull out. The B looked at me w/ a touch of anger. I gave her my most dazzling smile and raised my finger in the Jersey Salute . Guess which finger? She quickly looked away!I know, it was bad on my part .but it felt sooooo good! So, my point is, little snippets of time don’t always tell the story. We don’t live there, we don’t know and kids are kids. Who knows what this show has wrought on their lives which could exaccerbate the bad times? Or mayabe Bravo just prefers not to catch them being good!

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