Adrienne Maloof Not Attending RHOBH Season 3 Reunion?

Adrienne Maloof

RadarOnline is reporting that Adrienne Maloof is considering not attending The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion taping! This Season has been centered around Adrienne’s feud with Brandi Glanville, and the threats of legal action have put the other women in awkward positions, because nobody is able to explain what happenedto viewers. “The idea of discussing her divorce on national television, and being attacked by Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster has Adrienne thinking twice about whether or not she will go to the taping of the reunion on Friday night,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Even though Adrienne is contractually obligated to go, her lawyers have told her she doesn’t have to because Bravo breached the contract by revealing details of the surrogacy of her twin sons. If Adrienne thought it would be a healthy environment, she wouldn’t be considering not going,” the source reveals. “But look at past reunion shows of all the Housewives franchises…the women have made threats against each other, physical fights have almost broken out; host Andy Cohen was shoved by Teresa Giudice during a New Jersey Housewives reunion taping!”

Adrienne’s ex-husband, Paul Nassif won’t be attending the reunion, but taped a brief interview that will air. “Paul is out of the country and unable to attend the reunion, but he did sit down for an interview that will be a part of it. He just wanted to let the fans know how he was doing, and wanted to thank everyone for their support during the divorce proceedings,” the insider revealed.

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10 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Not Attending RHOBH Season 3 Reunion?”

  1. Adrienne is a coward . It’s fine when she is doing the attacking, but now that those she had attacked are ready to stand up to her and retaliate…she runs… COWARD!

  2. She can sure give the heat (lawyers) but she can’t take the heat. She’s a financial bully and a coward to boot. Run Adrienne, Run. Your true character came out this season!

  3. If she doesn’t go, I won’t miss her.
    “Even though Adrienne is contractually obligated to go, her lawyers have told her she doesn’t have to because Bravo breached the contract by revealing details of the surrogacy of her twin sons.” UM EXCUSE ME, but last I checked this wasn’t “The Adrienne Maloof Show”. No, so even though Bravo shouldn’t have breached their contract, they’re in lesser hot water than she is. If she doesn’t go, then Bravo better delete her contract.
    I’m sick of her and her shenanigans. She is a grown woman who really needs to go the heck away. She uses her money and “power” as an attack. She has nothing else to throw but the fact that she has money. It’s ridiculous and incredibly juvenile.

  4. How did Bravo break anything? She did an interview, and was on the cover of a magazine, talking about the surrogacy! Once she came out with the magazine, Bravo aired Kyle saying it isn’t just about the surrogacy.

    Adrienne knows she will be slammed and the liar that she is will be made very clear.

    It really upsets me to write this because she WAS my favorite housewife of all of them. She sure had me fooled.

  5. If Adrienne does not show up this is all Brandi’s fault. Smart move by Adrienne if she does not show up as it will be a bore fest without her. I do not blame Adrienne for not going. Brandi has no one to attack now so she is in trouble. Maybe she will have to talk about LeAnn over and over again. That has gotten real old. I bet Bravo is begging Adrienne to go as they need her. The fights are what make the housewives shows work and without Adrienne there Brandi and Lisa are in trouble. It will be very boring. Too Bad.

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