Adrienne Maloof And Jacob Busch Getting “Very Close” To Engagement


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof may be close to getting engaged to her younger boyfriend, Jacob Busch, who is 24 years-old. While promoting her nutritional product, Never Hungover, last week she flaunted a huge ring Busch (of the Anheuser-Busch family) gave her on Valentine’s Day. Adrienne admitted she and Bush are getting “very close” to becoming engaged, revealing she recently met his family.

Despite criticism for the couple’s age difference, Adrienne says it doesn’t affect the pair. “When you meet someone they don’t have a number on their forehead; when we met we just hit it off, it felt so natural, so organic,” she said.

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  • joe

    Is he a sighted man? because i dont get it. this coupling has me baffled on so many level

  • Melodie

    Adrienne Maloof is a selfish woman who has no consideration for her children. Are you joking bringing home a man half your age to play papa to your kids so soon after your divorce. I hope Paul gets full custody of those boys and they can be raised in a normal environment (if Paul can provide that not sure. Adrienne your worth a ton of money but your dumb as dirt. Your boys want you to give them their undivided attention now that their father is not around much. In stead you go out and find a child to get in bed with. After my husband passed away 17 years ago our children were 14, 10, 5 &2. I never dated and spent my time with my children friends and family. They are all grown now and on their own and they have all expressed how happy they were that i was always there for them and did not make dating any kind of priority. Now they encourage me finding someone to grow old with and I they want to see me happy. I am proud of the example I am for my kids they will turn out to be wonderful parents some day. adrienne take an example go home be with your kids and stop this nonsense of dating children. Disgusting.

    • Jodi

      i am so sorry for your loss… especially having a 2 year old! How heartbreaking. You seem like such a wonderful mother from your post. God Bless….

      • Melodie

        Thanks Jodi….. I appreciate your comment. I know from experience that children don’t want strangers in their lives especially when their has been separations, divorce, death…. Adrienne is a selfish woman who is thinking only between her legs. She does not deserve to be a mother to those children.
        GO home Adrienne stop this craziness with your boy toy and be a mother to your kids. Shame on you.

  • boy child- run, run away fast from this tranny looking loser……..adrienne is the poster child for bad and too much plastic surgery……..ewww–go away please…………

  • ceebee

    Aw, come on, Adrienne. I always liked you, but really? Just because you CAN get a guy half your age doesn’t mean you SHOULD. This makes you look desperate.

  • Pretty Kitty

    That guy has some serious mama issues. She is not attractive, at all. Oh…and that voice!