Adrienne Maloof Explains Why She Decided To Sue Brandi Glanville!

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof is taking to her Bravo Blog to set some things straight. Adrienne explains Season 3 of RHOBH has been a difficult Season for her, because she doesn’t like drama. Adrienne talks about how some of the women are comparing her suing Brandi Glanville to when Russell Armstrong threatened to sue Camille Grammer in Season 2. Adrienne explains why these situations are different, and still stands by her statement that, “friends don’t sue friends.” Read below to find out why Adrienne thinks the situation with Brandi is different, and why she decided to pursue legal action!

Adrienne writes, “This season has been particularly difficult for me. I think all of you know that I am NOT the biggest fan of drama.

A few of the women are comparing this situation with the disagreement between Russell and Camille. For me there is one key difference and that is the direct involvement of my innocent loved ones who were NEVER supposed to be part of the drama. With Russell and Camille all parties involved were adults and capable of defending themselves. Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance. I still believe that friends don’t sue friends but Brandi has made it abundantly clear that she is not my friend.

I’m finding happiness in 2013 and am focused on surrounding myself and my family with positivity. I want to sincerely thank my dear friends Faye, Camille, Kyle, Kim, and of course Mauricio for being so supportive through these difficult times.”

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16 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Explains Why She Decided To Sue Brandi Glanville!”

  1. Adrienne doesn’t like drama? Is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a Comedy Show? What an idiot! Someone better shake this woman and tell her that she is living out her drama filled life as a Beverly Hills housewife on television. Does Adrienne have a brain in her head?

  2. I think the premise of this show has been perfectly played out in this little vignette: people with extreme wealth can buy secrets, friendships, and loyalties. Now if Brandi were worth millions and in the market for a new home or had a private jet for loan we’d be hearing a different tune. Which one has the stronger moral compass – the one who calls out the lie or the one who sues to conceal it?

    1. Yeah the drunk slut, falling down showing her whoha to the world with a string hanging out, can’t find a real home, pathetic pill pooper is the one you should think is the good one. LMAO!!!!! Hope you’ve been watching how great Brandi really is.

  3. I agree with all the comments here! Adrienne lives in her very expensive bubble, and btw, who really cares if she used a surragate, do you? When you live your life on TV, n you sign a contract that states nothing is off limits, well she should have expected this. With all her money, lawyers, and pull, why didnt she have that in the contract, a claus that stated kids off limit. Bc she and her high powered attorneys dont have a brain between them. Now she is with a drug addict for a boytoy. Pa lease.

  4. I’m so happy Adrienne is suing that piece of trash. She cries about her boys and wanting the best for them, but didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Maloof kids. No one cares about a surrogate, but Adrienne had every right to tell her kids in her time and in her way. Not hard to figure out why her ex looked for other women. This chick is tasteless, tacky and out to hurt people.

  5. Oh please Adrienne creates drama on the show. Look how she accused Lisa for selling stories and telling everyone. She should have asked Lisa 1st before going public. That’s what really friends do. Brandi should think before she speaks. Brandi really isn’t that sorry.

  6. Go away, Adrienne. You have made it crystal clear that you have no heart. Brandi is a single mother of boys. I’m the product of a single-parent household. My mother works her butt off to provide for my sister and me. My mother is a doctor. Brandi’s a reality star. Neither have disposable money for rich douchelords to sue them over nothing.
    Adrienne has no idea what’s it’s like to be a single mother. Oh, and NOBODY CARES THAT YOU USED A SURROGATE! What’s the big deal, hm? I guess the fact that you lied about it on national TV is the problem, and you “have” to protect your “empire”. Whatever. You have two healthy children. That’s all that matters, get over yourself. They’ll find out one day, somehow, that mommy didn’t have them herself because A) mommy couldn’t, or B) mommy was a selfish bastard and didn’t want to lose her figure but wanted children. Lord I hope it’s A.
    Brandi has more heart in her pinky than Adrienne does in a single strand of her plastic hair extensions. Adrienne, your filthy lies will be exposed one day. The truth always comes out. Then Brandi will sue you, and when she wins she’ll deserve every slimy penny of yours.

  7. Can someone take Adrienne off who cares about her.She does not like drama what did she think she was signing up for finger painting.The fact is she is fine with drama as long as nobody pisses in her corn flakes.She gets in the middle like she last year with Taylor and Camille.She really has nothing of any interest to say so why is she in the show,she has the personality of a stump.Bravo do not invite her back please……….

  8. It wasnt a huge secret that Adrienne used a surrogate before. A lot of people knew about it already. So why is it such a huge deal now?

  9. I watched the part about the big secret that brandi stated and as others have said it doesnt matter that adrienne used a surrogate…………my issue is that you feel the need to sue someone for speaking the truth i hope any court in the land would throw adrienne out on her ear thats not what courts are for

  10. Brandi is a low class wanna be. She is the poorest excuse of a mother I have ever seen. Every other word out of her mouth is the ‘F’ word. That really sets a great example for little ones and the way she says it all the time I believe it is prevalent in her time with her boys. I would like to see her leave the show. She ruins it. I would have also sued her if she spoke about my private life. Money does not have anything to do with it. It is principle.

  11. I hear Adrienne has decided not to return next season as a BHHW! What took her so long to realize that she’s not as important as her BIG ego has her believeing! Of course she’ll use the excuse of not wanting to be apart of all the drama! Please, she knew what she was getting involved in when signing her contract to be on the show – we all know she knew perfectly well what being a reality star involved! Now, can we also get Brandi “poor me” off the show too? Brandi is a low life – she was a stay-at-home mom, no job, middle class income – not from the ranks of her cast mates – she found a way to become known – got a foot in the door when her husband got caught cheating – she used the sympathy of others and ran with it! She knew her husband was unfaithful long before Us magazine broke the story – she also was getting what she needed on the side – he just got caught in the act because of who he was cheating with – she should thank Leanne Rimes – without her Brandi would still be “Brandi Who?” – why do fans think she all of a sudden has become so foul mouthed, in your face, obnoxious, the list is almost amusing – what ever comes to mind to make her relevent – this season – she knows the sympathy won’t last forever – then she’ll be back to “Brandy Who” and now that she’s had a taste of fame – she’s thirsty! She’s just another whore, that’s used her womanly gifts to get what she wants – her time is limited and she worried! Please Bravo, don’t torture fans of this show any longer – boot out both of these nobodies! Also, who cares if Adrienne does come from a very wealthy family? She’s still nobody! She’s never worked an honest day in her life – wouldn’t know real work if it bit her on the ass – not to mention – a mother? Please, why would someone that has nannies raising their children instead of being the one to change diapers, sit up all night when they’re sick, take them to school everyday, pick them up and take them to practices – etc – she doesn’t worry about not filling these shoes but worries over what others think of her not giving birth to her twins? Even if she had given birth – she still is not a mother – only in name – wouldn’t know how or what was involved in raising a child – she pays for that too! PLEASE BRAVO – HEAR OUR PLEAS! GIVE BOTH THESE WASHED UP – BOTOXED – OVER THE HILL – WANNABE’S – exactly what they deserve! A swift kick in the ass and thrown back into reality (not reality tv) !

  12. Adrian I agree with your decision, family is important and you are lived and you are always a lady! Not trashy like Taylor and Brandy. God bless you wind the kids. Good luck!

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