Adrienne Maloof Explains Why She Decided To Sue Brandi Glanville!

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof is taking to her Bravo Blog to set some things straight. Adrienne explains Season 3 of RHOBH has been a difficult Season for her, because she doesn’t like drama. Adrienne talks about how some of the women are comparing her suing Brandi Glanville to when Russell Armstrong threatened to sue Camille Grammer in Season 2. Adrienne explains why these situations are different, and still stands by her statement that, “friends don’t sue friends.” Read below to find out why Adrienne thinks the situation with Brandi is different, and why she decided to pursue legal action!

Adrienne writes, “This season has been particularly difficult for me. I think all of you know that I am NOT the biggest fan of drama.

A few of the women are comparing this situation with the disagreement between Russell and Camille. For me there is one key difference and that is the direct involvement of my innocent loved ones who were NEVER supposed to be part of the drama. With Russell and Camille all parties involved were adults and capable of defending themselves. Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance. I still believe that friends don’t sue friends but Brandi has made it abundantly clear that she is not my friend.

I’m finding happiness in 2013 and am focused on surrounding myself and my family with positivity. I want to sincerely thank my dear friends Faye, Camille, Kyle, Kim, and of course Mauricio for being so supportive through these difficult times.”

Photo Credit: Bravo