Adrienne Maloof Did NOT Attend RHOBH Reunion! She Has Quit RHOBH!


After rumors that Adrienne Maloof would not be attending The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion taping today, Life & Style confirms Ms. Maloof did NOT attend the taping! As we reported earlier this week, Adrienne was “considering” not going to the Reunion even though it meant she would be breaking her contract with Bravo. Adrienne felt Bravo broke their end of the contract when they made the entire Season revovle around Adrienne’s personal life and her feud with Brandi Glanville. A source tells the magazine, “She doesn’t want to deal with the women. They are all going to just hash the same thing over and over again and she needs to be with her kids anyway. She’s headed to Mammoth Mountain in LA for a field trip with her children instead.”

“She chose to go on the trip instead because that’s where she needs to be. She is always a mom first and foremost,” the insider says, adding, “But she is also dodging the Housewives because she knows she’ll be attacked and doesn’t want to deal with it.”

We also previously reported that Adrienne will NOT be returning for Season 4 of RHOBH. She has quit the show and made the decision to not attend the Reunion taping.

Do YOU think Adrienne should have attended the RHOBH Reunion?

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28 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Did NOT Attend RHOBH Reunion! She Has Quit RHOBH!”

  1. Glanville has dragged RHOBH into the toilet. She has absolutely no regards for others. I cannot bear to watch this anymore. Shame on Bravo for sinking so low. These franchises have become anything but entertaining. And for morally bankrupt Ms Glanville get yourself in therapy you need it.

  2. Morally bankrupt? Oh Meg, self-righteousness and judgment are clear signs of moral bankruptcy. Perhaps Brandi can give you a ride to therapy.

    Goodbye and good riddance to Adrienne Maloof.

  3. Oh I’m sure Kyle will be there defending Adrienne in Adrienne’s absence, just as it usually goes. And whatever socially inappropriate thing Brandi said, doesn’t mean Adrienne had to get lawyers involved – that was all on Adrienne.

  4. Wow, Adrienne. A grown ass woman like yourself should have the decency to uphold your agreement and deal with the chaos you’ve created. My oh my. How the mighty have fallen. I LOVE Brandi and she only bites when she’s been attacked first. I think Adrienne is a selfish, manipulative, cowardly woman. I’m pleased she quit RHOBH.

  5. Adrienne is a chicken shit! They would have crucified her, well Brandi would anyway.

    Meg you need to just stop watching if it bothers you so much! You must be on Team Leann!

  6. I think Brandi is great fun and refreshing. Sure, she could keep her mouth shut from time to time, but she tells no lies! Team Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda!

  7. I dislike BRANDI!! Adrienne knew that all the bickering was below her so… bye bye Housewives. BRANDI needs to go! Paul and Adrienne just didn’t fit in with all the petty nonsense.

  8. I sure hope Bravo hits Adrianne up with a law suit for not fulfilling her contract! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Adrianne will not be missed and I’m sure she will continue to make a fool out of herself dating BOYS, instead of men her own age. Talk about a disgrace. She needs a therapist…

  9. meg ur delusional if you think that its going to the toilet dont watch it then lol. the truth came out. and to be honest adrienne started it when she went after lisa because she was jealous. i still like adrienne but she dissapointed me this season alot and at the reunion last season she showed that shes a very calculating vengeful person that is hardly willing to say sorry when she realizes shes done wrong. i like brandi too but she i feel she was wrong in exposing her but to each their own! i wish the best to her but i dunno if reality is good thing for her if she doesn’t expect that secrets will be unraveled. i mean come on people your on tv and if it happens just own up to it put on a good face and keep it moving!!!

  10. as much as i can’t stand adrienne, i wish she was coming to the reunion. It won’t be anywhere near as good without her being there trying to cover up obvious lies

  11. WOW wonder how many bridges Adrianne burned with this cowardly exit. Not a good way to do business Adrianne. The only thing beneath Adrianne is her teenage crush. She is trash and less than stupid. God help her when her money runs dry cause that is all that woman has. On a brighter note, I love Brandi, Lisa, Ken, and Yolanda. I hate to bicker with anyone over these stupid people, so I am sorry if I offend anyone, this is just my opinion. (Oh and I hate Kyle as much as Faye) sorry!!!

  12. I’m glad Adrienne didn’t show. She didn’t deserve what happened to her this season and she CHOSE not to become a dishrag for the dishrags! Good for her!

  13. Good for Adrienne for not showing up. I don’t blame her and she has enough money that she does not have to. Brandi has just ruined the show. Not very impressed with Lisa for supporting Brandi. This will sure be one boring reunion show thanks to Brandi but I do not care as I will not be watching it. It is Bravo’s fault that they did not control Brandi from making such personal attacks on others.

  14. Adrienne is a coward. Glad she won’t be coming back. LOVE Brandi! Even though she has a mouth on her, at least she’s not a lying backstabbing troll like Adrienne. Wish Kyle would follow her friend out.

  15. Adrienne did it to HERSELF by trying to bully Lisa and Brandi. She had it coming to her. Adrienne ruined this whole season by thinking she’s above the drama when she herself is the one that created it! Hypocrisy at its finest!!

  16. Face it-She got caught red handed lying on film. Everyone knew she was lying anyway- but when she went on and endlessly on….” No No No No No No No there was NEVER a letter sent. Just look at her character..”.etc. What she did to Lisa last year is unforgivable, and the reason Kyle is steering clear is she was a part of it, I mean COME ON!!! The jealousy over Lisa’s spin off evidently fueled much of the fire. The lame excuse of the Maloof Hoof, which she said casually when looking at the shoes with friends, and in an interview was funny and brilliant. Really pulling for crap when they said she made fun of their dog…. Adrienne, I fear will lose many business prospects. Showing her with her husband along side her was always pathetic, she was so very cruel to him. Have fun dating your “toys” I fear for them when they see you without the body make up- and god forbid they do not have a case of babywipes…. can you imagine her clothes and sheets, furniture etc? The Bernie Files? Whole other lie and pathetic truth that eve Paul had no clue about… It goes on. Kyle is in a pickle as has Mauricio’s business to think of first. Faye is so very hard to take. And you want to talk about a mean and entitled person there? Kyle may hang with her as she does look very good around Faye. That is just gross. Adrienne and she need make up tips. Adrienne has been MIA in her blogs and could care less, she has plenty of money to cover the suits. Funny thing, she put a gag order on Bravo and that is why they could not reveal what was said…. Unheard of. It was found out later but she is mad that Bravo chose to film around the story line. Her plethora of lies are incredulous. I believe Paul will put some light on some of the things, but I am sure he was left in the dark too. Maybe not as dark as her bad tanning product….. Anyone get a look at her gams going over in the limo to the White Party? I commented on those and even rewound to see if I was seeing correctly. She is just dirty and uclean looking… I hate being this negative, but this was her contract and she could care less. When a bully gets it back its a win for the little guys, and heck just normal people that should never have to go through what she does and says. No no no no no no no, that’s not nice……ugh!!!!

  17. What did Adrienne ever contribute to the show? She always seemed just a little dim witted to me. She wasn’t entertaining. She wasn’t interesting. She was just kind of there, plodding along. The perks she’s gotten in life have been handed to her, regardless of how she characterizes herself as a “business woman.” She designed nothing – just pointed at the shoes other people created, and described the diamond she wanted to add and call it her own. Her wealth came from family enterprises (mostly her brothers), not her own efforts.

  18. “Adrienne Maloof did NOT attend RHOBH reunion”…breach of contract: “That’s a fat ol’ lawsuit.” … Go get her BravoTV… she didn’t add a damn thing to begin with and only brought down the entertainment value of the show… She is a liar, a liability, and a loser! Show her who else has some power to stand behind the shield of lawyers!

  19. Sorry, but this woman is pretty chicken shit to not show up with lame excuses. She lied and lied and now when the ladies have the chance to get the real answer, this person backs out. Good riddance lady, you are one cold fish.

  20. Adrienne owes nothing to bravo they slayed her all season because they favor Lisa and Brandi is Lisa’s friend. I’m glad she didn’t go and spent the time with her children instead.

  21. Wow. @ Gidget, glad to see you dont like being negative. (insert sarcasm). And I dont blame Adrienne for not showing. This whole season was devoted to the Brandi files. Brandi ran her mouth freely. If any of you Brandi fans rewind, she brought up all business Adrienne when she wasnt around. Her kids, her ownership of Palms. Brandi is on this show solely to promote herself and her book. Any one that thinks Brandi would be a great friend is delusional…..lets see how long it takes before Lisa finds out that Cedric (oops Brandi) is using her for career advancement.

    1. Yes Leah,

      But it’s fine to lie on national television and then never show up again and print anything after its been proven and be in breach of your own contract. Please!!! You and about ten others have her back so have fun with it. She was my absolute favorite in season one. When she made a complete ass out of herself at the reunion last year she lost all my and most people’s respect. Say what you will, and you have the right to your opinion. But oh my, I fear nothing will turn this person who we once thought of as classy into anything more than the stained (insert sarcasm here) lying hypocrite she is. Why anyone would waste such good fortune that she had in her life for such evil is beyond most of us normal folks just wanting to be entertained. Brandi was certainly not my favorite but she has proven to not be a liar where Adrienne time and time again has. Pathetic. Really and Truely. Glad she has the money where she does not have to care. But her children will see her actions and not get to blame it on bullying towards their mother. She is so lucky Lisa did not do a “big fat lawsuit” on her and her cruel and in humane remarks at the reunion. As that’s not nice …..

  22. I am disappointed to hear that Adrienne didn’t attend the reunion. However, I’m not surprised. She “distanced” herself from the cast most of the season and when she was filmed, she mainly talked about the very subject she was ‘distancing’ herself from. She didn’t speak truthfully all season, when she was there, and now is a no-show for the reunion. This speaks volumes to me that she doesn’t give a hoot about her “fans” (as she called them in her blogs) and what they think. I am glad that she won’t be back next season. I do not like how she behaved or who she aligned herself with. With that said, I wish her no harm. Only the best to her and her boys.

  23. Adrienne Did The Right Thing By Moving On From This Show That Brandi And Her Trashy Ways Has Put In The Toilet. It’s Sad To See How Classless This Show Has Become Because Of Brandi I Wish She Would Go Play Her Victim Role Some Place Else. She’s The One Who Starts The Trouble With Her Classless Mouth Then Wants To Play The Victim. If She Ever Talked To My Husband Or Me The Way She Talked To Mauricio She Would Of Been Able To Play Victim Cause She Would Of Been One Then..I Would Never Put Up With Her Crap. I Just Hope Lisa Smartens Up And Stops Trying To Show Her How To Be Classy..Lisas Kids Are Raised She Doesn’t Need An Adult With Children To Be Mother To Too. Lisa She’s Bringing You Down Get Out While You Can. Oh And Really BRANDI was Licking Kens Hair..UGH! Wathing That Made Me Sick. IF I Was Teresa From RHONJ I Would Be Pissed At Bravo Because They Allowed Joes Phone Call To Be Aired Calling Her Terrible Names After She Begged Them Not Too BUT Kept Brandi Having Sex At Kyles White Party In The Bathroom To Not Be Aired Cause They Were Begged Not To Show It And They Didn’t. Bravo We Can See She’s A Hoe By The Way She Acts Around Men..”A Dog In Heat” Eddie Excaped From Brandi And I Can See Why Now..Talking About 3Somes And Being With Girls..Ect. To Keep It Exciting. Owwwwwwww! I’ve Been HappilyMarried 17yrs To My HS Sweetheart And WE Are Still Very Much In Love. I Know Sadly That’s Not The Case For Everyone And Have Seen Nasty Break Ups BUT Noone Who After Years Still Plays The Victim And Trashes The Other Like Her..Move On Brandi It’s Getting Old.

  24. Just Wanted To Add This..Sorry. Brandi Should Think Of Her Children For Once And Not Making Money Acting Crazy..She Don’t Have To Act The Way She Does.. Noone Else Had To To Stay On The Show..She Don’t Look Like SHE’s Struggling With Her Designer Everything And Using Eddies Credit Card For 12 Thousand Dollar For Private Surgery When Her Kids And Her Had No Where To Live..Sadly And IF It’s Even True Eddie Should Be Smacked.BUT That Was Her Priority..Really?! I Feel Terrible For Her Children Because When They Are Older Or Maybe Even Now They Will Hear Her Trashing Their Father Maybe At School From Children And When They Are Older How That Will Hurt Them..She Doesn’t Seem To Care. I Lost My Dad As A Child To Cancer And Loved My Step Dad With All My Heart..IF Eddie And LeAnne Stay Together They Will See How She Trashed Them Over And Over Again..Sad!

  25. Brandi has defiantly change the rhbh for the worst. Lisa is full of herself using brandi as a crutch to say what she does have the nerve to say. Watch her. If you think brandi is good for this show I disagree, she just shoots her mouth off. Is that our perception of bh? Adrienne brought brandi around, then turned on her? Not my kind of friend! Or entertainment.

  26. Face it…RHoBH is just a TV show. The object is to make money. Even though these shows are touted as “reality shows” we, the audience, see exactly what the producers want us to see. We don’t know these people. They have become characters like the women in Desperate Houswives only we buy into the “intimacy” because they have kept their real names. In the end, I don’t think the Real Housewives are either real or housewives…

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