Adrienne Maloof Denies Lawsuit & Cease & Desist Letter To Brandi Glanville!

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof is taking to her Bravo Blog to tell viewers that she did not send Brandi Glanville a cease and desist letter or file a lawsuit against her or Bravo. Adrienne writes that she is frustrated with what she and her family have been put through this Season on RHOBH, and that she is being painted as a liar. We exclusively told you our insiders say Adrienne sent Brandi and Bravo a cease and desist letter, and we stand by that information and our sources. Personally, I was confused by Adrienne’s blog… you can read it below!

Adrienne writes,”This week’s episode contained numerous references by Brandi and the other women to a lawsuit that I allegedly filed against Brandi. Further, Brandi claims that my lawyer sent her a cease and desist letter and asked her to sign something giving up her right to speak.

I want to be 100 percent clear that there is no lawsuit, a fact which can be confirmed by a simple search of court records. Further, neither I, nor my lawyer, have ever sent a letter to Brandi. Earlier this year, my lawyer did send a letter to a former business associate of mine whom I believed was disclosing confidential information about me and my family to third parties, including Brandi. This is the only thing I can think of that might have prompted this week’s discussion. I am disappointed that not only have my family and my children been put through everything that this season has brought, but also that I am now being painted as a liar. There was no letter to Brandi and, most importantly, there is no lawsuit, as she keeps claiming.

As for the comments made against me by Yolanda, as she said, she doesn’t know me, therefore, why is she speaking behind my back.”

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7 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Denies Lawsuit & Cease & Desist Letter To Brandi Glanville!”

  1. Adrienne, I really hope you read this. There was a threat of a lawsuit, and we all know you definitely threw your lawyers at Bravo so that they bleep or cut out anything related to what Brandi said about you. We also know that your lawyers threatened her with a lawsuit, so she had to lawyer up, which costs money. The public would have had more respect for you had you come clean. You make a big deal about something that now a days is normal, surrogacy, claiming it will hurt your children. Yet, you allowed your employee to take pictures of your back stating their father hit you and allowing him to publish them. You don’t think that is going to hurt them more than to learn they were carried for 9 months by another woman? Unless of course you were too old and your eggs were dried up and used donor eggs.

    I understand why Kyle defends you, Mauricio is your realtor and made money from the sale of your house. What I do not understand is why Camille defends you. I had bought into the she had changed in Season 2, but she is back to being a terrible jealous person. A leopard can only hide their spots for so long.

  2. There are two facts that prove that Adrienne is a liar. First, Bravo wouldn’t have sensored what Brandi said if there wasn’t a lawsuit or gag order in force. If Bravo, out of the kindness of their hearts, sensored it, then why didn’t the do the same thing last year with Trailor trash and her abuse allegations.

    Second, in Adrienne’s Jan 23 blog, she states that Brandi is not her friend and that is why it’s okay to sue her, I am paraphrasing.

    Bravo fans are willing to forgive and forget, but when you lie, we never forget! Kim Zolciak lied in the first reunion about having cancer. Never again will I trust what comes out of her mouth. Adrienne is now in that club for me, and it’s sad because Adrienne was my favorite.

  3. Personally, just love Adrienne and Camille!!! I cant stand seeing Brandi acting like the perpetual victim when she herself causes the problems. Brandi speaks out in a mean and spiteful way to hurt people and then back pedals an apology that never seems sincere. Most importantly cant they all stop having this same conversation at every single event? Its ridiculous. Like Adrienne said, Shame on you Brandi!!!!!!

  4. Call it what you want, but when one has to hire a lawyer to address a letter sent to you asking you to SHUT-UP…….I rest my case. Adrienne, your just a bully, plain and simple. I did’nt see you go after Lisa. Wonder why? Could it be she can financially fight back? I know your a bully and I think your a liar as well!

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