Adrienne Maloof Confirms She Used A Surrogate!

Adrienne & Brandi- Life & Style

After all the drama that surrounding Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville this Season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof is confirming she used a surrogate to carry her twins, Christian and Colin, who are six-years-old. Now that Adrienne’s divorce from Paul Nassif has been settled, she opens up about the surrogacy secret in an exclusive interview with Life & Style Magazine.

“I would think Brandi, being a single mother, would have a heart and understand my feelings, where I’m coming from,” Adrienne tells Life & Style. Adrienne explains she had planned to wait a few years before sitting down with her sons to explain she used a surrogate. “Brandi took away something so precious from our family,” Adrienne explains.

When Adrienne carried her oldest son, Gavin (9 years-old), she experienced complications that were bad enough she opted to use a surrogate when she and Paul decided to have more children.

After Brandi revealed Adrienne’s secret, Adrienne says Brandi put a wedge in between she and her ex-husband, Paul Nassif, and says what Brandi did ultimately led to their split in the summer of 2012. ”Brandi did destroy our family,” Adrienne insists. “Right now I’m really hurt and upset, especially because I’ve stuck up for Brandi as a mother in the past.”

Brandi also defends herself in the issue of Life & Style. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I said. We all knew it already. She would always lie about it. It’s not that big of a deal. They’re still your children, just somebody else had to carry them,” Brandi said.

“She [Adrienne] is not a very nice person; she pretends to be. I called her to talk to her about the situation. But it’s hard for me to apologize to someone when I feel like they owe me an apology prior to that,” Brandi explains to the mag.

UPDATE: Paul Nassif Responds! Paul is responding to Adrienne’s allegations in the press in statement to Wetpaint Entertainment. “Right now, I’m just completely focused on my boys and my practice,” Paul tells Wetpaint. “I wish Adrienne all the best.” A friend of Paul’s adds, “He and Brandi have a cordial relationship, nothing more.”

For more details pick up the latest issue of Life & Style!

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11 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Confirms She Used A Surrogate!”

  1. 90% Brandi I’m leaving 10% because obviously she shouldn’t have said it on tv. However Adrienne shouldn’t spill LIFE secrets to a so/so friend. She also shouldn’t lie on national tv about how she carried her twins!!

  2. Okay I can’t just skip over the “character assassination” accusations!! Where are they if Brandi was telling the truth??? I think Adrienne is smoking on her new boytoy’s pipe!!! Hell we would have never known had Adrienne acted with class!!!!

  3. Well gee, I wonder who didn’t know that! Brandi didn’t lie. She is a truth cannon, and Adrienne is a heartless moneybag. That’s all I have to say on this matter. Team Brandi/Lisa. Adrienne got exposed, and it’s not Brandi’s fault that you got a divorce; it was yours. Don’t lie.

  4. Glad Adrienne finally came out and admitted it. Still wasn’t Brandi’s place. You want to prove someone’s a liar, call them out on other things. There was no reason for Brandi to pull Adrienne’s children into the mix. And then AFTER Brandi says what she says, and Adrienne fires back by saying Brandi is a bad mother, THEN Brandi wants to cry about Adrienne lying and saying she’s a bad mom. Girl, get over yourself! She’s one of those people that can dish it out, but when it comes back at her, she can’t take it.

  5. I cannot believe this woman is blaming the failure of her marriage on Brandi. I’m not a big fan of either, but I will call BS when I see it and this is total BS. No one can break up a marriage except one of the two spouses, period.

    How much money did she spend in attorney fees to get Bravo to not air her dirty laundry, and now she is selling her story to Life & Style!?!?! Frankly, I don’t get Adrienne. She talks about all of the business’s that she owns and how busy she is, yet she spends all day on Pinterest and Twitter. Weird, just plain weird.

  6. Cause it takes 5 minutes out of one’s day to get on Pintrest and Twitter. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have businesses. It’s called a break.

  7. I’m having a hard time believing that Brandi’s comments led to a split between Adrienne and Paul. Did Paul not know about the surrogacy? I would think that would be the only way that the surrogacy revelation would cause a split. So, I don’t get it. Come on Adrienne…from what I could see on the show, you were not very loving toward Paul. In fact, it came across that you were a little distant and detached with him. ALOOF if you will. And that’s kind of interesting considering that ALOOF is part of your name. It seemed like you didn’t even want to spend any alone time with Paul. At the same time, that doesn’t let Brandi off the hook. I also don’t understand why Brandi says what she did was ok. It was not ok, and I think deep down Brandi knows that. She’s just too stubborn to admit it. And you know it too Lisa! I think Brandi was out to deliberately hurt Adrienne. Brandi, don’t you remember that Adrienne was the only one who was in your corner when all of the other housewives were against you??? How soon we forget! It IS that big of a deal Brandi. If Adrienne revealed one of your little secrets, I bet you would have the same reaction she did. There is nothing you can say that makes it ok for you to do what you did. You need to get off your high horse and sincerely apologize to Adrienne.

  8. Brandi Had No Right To Say What She Said. KIDS Are Off Limits And Should Always Be. Brandi Keeps Saying..You Don’t Know What She Did To Me. Well Tell Us Brandi..Your Classless Mouth Says Everything Else Why Hold Back Now. I Don’t Care What Adrienne Did To Her She Had No Right To Say What She Said. It’s Sad Her Kids Will Hear About All She’s Done And I Just Hope They Can Recover. If It Wasn’t For Eddie And LeAnne She Wouldn’t Have A Story Line. Get Over It Brandi And PLEASE Get Some Class. Anyone Who THINKS She Right..I Wonder If It Were Your Children How You Would Feel..So Sad.

  9. Also I Just Hope Her And Lisas Friendship Stays Good Or Lisa Will Be Next. Who Would EVER Want A Friend Like Her. Piss Her Off And She Will Tell Your Personal Stuff On TV. With Friends Like Her Who Needs Enemies. UGH! She’s The LOOSE Cannon Not Te TRUTH Cannon. JMO!

  10. brandi didnt tell us all the things adrienne did to her. One of the biggest things was- adrienne tried repeatedly to get bravo to fire her!! she said in an interview that she wasnt supposed to discuss it. or things that happened off the show per-say. She should of came up with other things to discredit her besides TALking about a.maloof’s kids. bc brandi is livid when people speak about hers!

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