Adrienne Maloof Awarded Temporary Custody- Child Abuse Accusations!

After Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof’s divorce turned nasty, she has finally been awarded temporary custody of her three sons with Paul Nassif. TMZ reports that a judge granted her temporary custody after she filed a declaration that when Paul picked up the kids from school last week, he choked one of the boys around the neck in order to stop them from kicking each other. Adrienne also claimed that when the boys were bathing together one of them peed in the tub and started to fight, so Paul spanked one of the boys and threw the other onto a corner. Wow!

But it doesn’t stop there, Chef Bernie also filed a declaration, stating that he witnessed Paul kick the family’s dog when it peed on the floor. A DEA agent who is a friend of the couple also filed, saying that he witnessed Paul putting his hands around one of their boys’ neck.

Paul’s attorney tells TMZ, “This smacks of underhandedness. Adrienne wasn’t even present when this allegedly occurred. It is a sad day when parents have to stoop to the level of making false allegations against another parent.”

This makes me sad. I wish they could get along. I loved them as a couple on RHOBH! They were the most relatable and funny people! Now I’m scared! What goes on behind closed doors… Yikes!

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  1. I am shocked. I never for a moment thought Paul was abusive. One thing I picked up on is when Adrienne & Paul were at a gathering with friends, Adrienne was getting colder
    & colder with Paul. Coming from a 20 yr abusive marriage I can understand her actions. I wish you well Adrienne

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