Adriana VS. Joanna On WWHL- “Go Back To The Slums Of Rio!”

After the EXPLOSIVE episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra appeared together on Watch What Happens Live. Adriana de Moura called in to defend herself in the fight that happened at Lisa Hochstein’s charity event, even saying she was the victim of what happened. Adriana calls in to say that she was acting in self-defense when she slapped Joanna, she also claimed that Joanna had said earlier that night she was going to “kick someone’s ass,” then Joanna proceeded to just yell at Adriana, and we couldn’t really make out anything else she had to say.

Joanna did say more than once, “Adriana, take the $2 boat you have and hopefully you get stuck in the hurricane, and go back to the slums of Rio,” which she got A LOT of flack for saying. Joanna’s defense was the statement Adriana made about her being a Polish immigrant on the show. We did hear Adriana say that Joanna looked “desperate,” because she is an “aging model,” but Joanna just said that was “jealousy.” Adriana did manage to get a few words in saying Joanna has called Mama Elsa names! Say what?! Oh no she didn’t….! Watch the fight for yourself below!

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Tell Us- Whose side are YOU on?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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