Adriana De Moura


Seasons 1-3

“Some people say I have secrets, but I say I am full of surprises.”

“I may speak five languages, but my true language is independence!”

“I speak five languages, but I can get a man with no words.”

Birthday: November 26th, 1965
Sign: Sagittarius

Born in Brazil on November 26, 1965, Adriana was engaged to a man named Frederic during the first two seasons with season three expected to showcase the events leading up to their wedding. De Moura has one son from a previous marriage. Her management of the art gallery she owns is documented throughout the series. She also sings the season two theme song, “Feel the Rush.” Adriana speaks five languages: Portuguese, English,Spanish, Italian, and French. She posed naked for a PETA campaign that protested animals in captivity.

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