Adriana de Moura Suggests Romain Zago Is Gay


Who would have though that Joanna Krupa’s sex life could be a topic that would turn into a fight during The Real Housewives of Miami reunion. But it did. When the topic of Joanna and Romain’s sex life came up, Adriana de Moura suggested, “Maybe he’s gay?” Joanna furiously responds to Adriana, “Because Romain really looks it, Adriana.” The other women (and Andy) are shocked as Adriana continues to reveal some of Joanna’s secrets (that include allegations she has a relationship with RHOBH, Mohammed Hadid), while Joanna calls Romain on speaker to let him defend himself against Adriana’s suggestion.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Walter in Tow

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay! Hoanna and romaine lettuce need to acknowledge its ok. Romaine and his lack of wanting hoanna se xually is not normal behavior. Admitting you’re gay saves you from long term pain, Mho.

    • Carioca

      Everybody know that is nothing wrong about being gay… this is not the case, that’s all!!!!

  • PixNTrix

    Wow Adri-liar once again proves what a low, down, dirty bitch she is. She has proven time and time again that she is a LIAR! She needs to take her froggie and set sail for Neverland and take Alexia and Marisol with her.

  • Lees

    WOW! That was a low blow. I missed the reunion but I was glad to see that they made peace for her wedding. I am so disappointed in Adriana. Come on girl!

  • Kelton Bynes


    You need to stop with the homphobia people!

    • Carioca

      Misunderstand completely… The Low Blow was the “limp penis” comment …. Adriana is really a ridiculous attention bitch !!! go away trash!!!

  • RobinsonLG

    I enjoyed every second of it and let’s be honest, the rumors are out there for a reason. I give it a couple of months until some story comes out with more details.

  • CeCe

    I think Adriana is probably right!. Love her and she always so funny w her one liners.
    Joanna is always telling everyone that Romain doesn’t want to have sex w her.
    Come on! What straight man doesn’t want to have sex w a Supermodel?