Adriana de Moura Shocked At Lea Black’s Secrets


Adriana de Moura is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she was shocked to learn about Lea Black’s secrets. Adriana says she feels betrayed and that Lea is a hypocrite for doing the same thing she is angry at her for doing. But despite the drama Adriana says she wanted to make sure her son went to RJ’s birthday party.

Adriana writes, “I was in shock to learn that my friend of seven years never even told me her real name, and I was even more shocked to learn that Lea had a secret marriage that she hid from her friends and business partner at that time — as the People Magazine titled “Love and the Law” — clearly states.

How ironic is it that she has been calling me a liar and crucifying me for not disclosing my marriage to her and yet she did the same!? I understand that she had her reasons at the time for not disclosing her marriage to anyone, and I would never criticize her for that. However, it baffles me that instead of being understanding of my reasons, she was the first to cast a stone at me…that is just the “pot calling the kettle black.”

Despite all her blatant attacks against me and my family, I still made sure my son remained friends with her son — I believe kids should never pay for their parents’ mistakes. She had been inappropriately texting my son directly and asking him to come over — I found that very disrespectful! My son was only 13 at the time and he doesn’t go anywhere without my consent. However, when she showed me some respect and called me asking my permission, I gave her my word my son would go to her son’s birthday party.”

Photo Credit: Bravo