Adriana De Moura Shocked Lea Black Wouldn’t Accept Her Apology


Adriana de Moura is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the season finale of The Real Housewives of Miami. Adriana explains she is shocked that Lea would not accept her apology. Adriana says it was a strange feeling to feel more comfortable around Joanna than Lea on the Vegas trip. Adriana says she had a lot of fun with Joanna and wishes Joanna and Romain the best.

Adriana writes, “I had a great time with the girls in Las Vegas! It was so nice to just have fun and forget about all the petty issues and just remember that sometimes girls just wanna have fun! Joanna and I were bonding for the first time, and I did enjoy the effort on both our parts. Every minute spent together was so nice! I sure was on my best behavior and sincerely wanted to focus on the present and hope for the best in the future. Interestingly, I felt more comfortable with Joanna than Lea… She continued to give me the cold shoulder and the mean digs never really stopped, but I had hope, continued being nice, and tried to enjoy everyone’s company.

It was a relief that we got to San Diego in time for the rehearsal cocktail, and a little relaxation in the spa was in order. However, to my surprise, I saw Lea’s wrath unleashed on me once more.

I had apologized to her twice already, and I had believed her when she said she wanted to move forward. But she didn’t keep her word… Now I see she just gave me lip service and later stabbed me in the heart. She is incapable of forgiving and prefers to dwell on the past.

It is so hurtful to see that her need for punishment and hatred is even stronger than the love for her own son and my son as well. Unfortunately her lack of maturity is so unbecoming, but I can’t change who she is. I forgive her, wish her the best, and hope she finds the kindness in her heart to stop hating, because hate only destroys the hater.

I was very happy for Joanna and Romain, especially happy that we made it in time and she didn’t miss the beautiful wedding of her dreams! May their life be fulfilled with each other’s company and may they grow old and happy together.

I like what their minister said: “…a marriage starts with the vows that you speak.” I absolutely agree with that!

I would add that marriage is not a ritual or an end in itself, but a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and choice of partner.

May both our weddings be lasting unions, because there is nothing more lovely in life than the union of two people whose love for one another has grown thought the years — from the small acorn of passion into a great rooted tree of deep love.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Adriana, you have apologized more than 2 times and my heart breaks for you. Lea is not worth your friendship. Lea is a self centered, self important, conniving witch who flouts her money and her power. Even her own family has little respect for her. As her sister said, you’re OK as long as you do what she says. So please, Adriana, don’t waste anymore time on this old hag.

  • Barbara E.

    Adrianna apologized enough, Lea isn’t willing to accept which is fine, she’s way too self absorbed that as old as she is, she should just accept and move on peacefully. Lea is a real piece of work. All the bling bling doesn’t make her look more attractive, only the opposite.

  • Aunt Bee

    Thank you Barbara E. So nice to know that somebody agrees with me.

  • angrianna—you are so foul—-I would never forgive you or want to be in the same room as someone like you—-we call them “backstabbers”—-and you lied about you’re own marriage for how many seasons??? You are an opportunist………..Be gone—-please…………..