Adriana de Moura, “She Was On A Mission To Fight The Second She Walked In!”

Adriana de Moura did an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment about the EXPLOSIVE fight between her and Joanna Krupa on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Miami. She talks about blurred nipples, Joanna, and even her phone call to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!

When Adriana was told that her blurred out nipple was the talk on the internet today she responded, “Oh, god. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you’re dealing with lingerie. I was so worried about not showing my butt that I kept pulling my outfit down, but I guess that didn’t help on top. I was struggling with it all night. Oh well, I’ve just got to laugh about it.”

When Adriana was asked what she wanted to get across by calling in to WWHL, because we couldn’t hear anything she was saying she says, “Well that, to me, was the perfect example of Joanna’s lack of education and class. She doesn’t let anyone else speak because she can’t bear to have the attention off her for one minute. She wants to be the star of the show and bully her way through it. But what I was trying to get across last night is that, at the lingerie party, she was on a mission to fight from the second she walked in. She started with Joe Francis, then Marysol, then her own sister. She was looking to get into it with people. When I was talking to Karent, there was no reason for her to get involved. She should have butt out.”

Wetpaint then asked Adriana if that is what caused her to last out physically. “I have never gotten physically with anyone in my life. But I had nothing left, there was nothing else I could do. She had been following me all night, making nasty comments, calling me names, running after me saying things like, “Who are you? Who are you?” Who am I? I’m a woman and a mother and I deserve respect.” Adriana explains.

Tell Us- What do you think of Adriana’s response? Whose side are you on? 

Photo Credit: Bravo


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