Adriana de Moura Says Season 3 Of RHOM Is Drama Galore


Adriana de Moura got engaged on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Miami last year, and shortly after the media discovered Adriana was already married to Frederic Marq! After a copy of the 2008 marriage license was revealed, Adriana’s rep released a statement saying the couple obtained a marriage license but because of an error in the info on the license it was nullified.

But in the season premiere of season 3 of RHOM, Adriana claims Frederic backed out of the wedding at the last minute, because her son had reservations about the union. And in a new interview with NBC Latino, Adriana insists this is the true story of what happened. “Maybe 8 weeks into the relationship, Frederic asked me to marry him. I was in that lustful stage and the sex was great, so I said yes, “Adriana explains. “But when I started to feel conflicted, we started fighting and he finally pulled the plug.”

“We called it off but I still had the paper, the legal certificate,” she continues. “I couldn’t really start telling everyone we had a paper when the point of not having the wedding party was to protect my son. If I told everyone that I was legally married, than it would defeat the purpose of keeping it a secret.”

After blaming Lea Black for leaking the story to the press on last week’s episode of RHOM, Adriana reveals they are “working on things” in their friendship. “It’s been very disappointing that a friend that I’d had for many years at the first opportunity instead of standing by me and being the first one to see what’s going on, is the one to cast the first stone,” Adriana says of Lea. “And create this big split in the group and throw other people against me.”

But Adriana hints that the new season of RHOM will not disappoint viewers, saying, “This season is drama galore.”

Photo Credit: Getty