Adriana de Moura Says Joanna Krupa’s Wedding Was Over The Top, Says She Tried To Be Friends With Joanna


This season of The Real Housewives of Miami is all about the weddings. Enemies Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa will both marry in front of the Bravo cameras during season 3, and in a new interview, Adriana says she had the most heartfelt wedding while Joanna’s was just about being over the top.

“I think I had the most heartfelt, true to the feelings, family oriented, religious ceremony,” Adriana tells Hollywood Life. “I think she had a new, rich type of wedding… where everything is over the top.”

Adriana claims her and Joanna are “friendly” but definitely “not friends.” She explains, “I tried to like her, but it seems every time she has a chance to put me down and make herself look better, she does it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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