Adriana de Moura Reveals Why She Called A Truce With Joanna Krupa


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, enemies Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa called a truce, and RadarOnline has details as to why the women decided to bury the hatchet. “It doesn’t make any sense to be fighting with her,” Adriana told Radar of her feud with Joanna. “The big fight started when she jumped in and we became enemies, but we’ve realized it was a reaction to a situation and so now we’re trying to put that all behind us.”

“I’m in such a good place in my life and I don’t want to spend any energy fighting with Joanna,” she continues. “I am Brazilian, we are notoriously late. It was British versus Brazilian time. But there were a lot of procrastinations on my part. I was afraid, anxious and all of that plays in deep down so I was dragging my feet afraid of what would happen.”

Adriana says she was provoked when asked about the infamous slap in season 2 of RHOM. “As if I was just out of the blue getting angry? She forgets quite easily. I spent one hour of her insulting me, cussing and everybody has a breaking point. I emphasized my reaction. I’m usually an easy person to get along with but don’t step on my toes. I was standing my ground,” she says. “It is hard to live with a grudge and it is harder to hate than love. Hating somebody is negative and that is hurting me. I want to be free to be happy and free to love.”

Photo Credit: Bravo