Adriana de Moura Opens Up About Her Childhood


Adriana de Moura is taking to her Bravo Blog to open up about her past and reveal the root of her issues. Adriana says how important it was for her to go meet with the minister with Frederic. She admits her trust and commitment issues stem from the hurt from her parent’s divorce.

Adriana writes, “Going to see the church with Frederic and meeting with the minister was very important, because that made us realize our childhood does shape us and affects us for the rest of our lives. Choices made by our parents while we are children can later affect us and unconsciously shape our adult life. My difficulty trusting men and the latent fear of being abandoned by them was rooted in the divorce of my parents — my father cheated on my mother and after that left our family. I was the eldest of four kids and many nights went to sleep hearing my mother cry. From then on I lived with demons that controlled me and made me believe that men would eventually cheat on me and leave me sooner or later. So my guard was always up, and although I acted tough, deep inside I felt like a fragile little girl starving for love and always seeking approval. Hence, the symbolic burning of my wedding dress that had been hanging in the closet for many years. I wanted to burn all the years of fear, mistrust, and pain that I had gone through.”

Photo Credit: Bravo