Adriana de Moura, “Joanna Bullied Me!”

It was by far the most dramatic scene on The Real Housewives of Miami, ever! Adriana de Moura slaps Joanna Krupa at a charity event. With Joanna checking out her legal options against her cast mate, Adriana is talking to RadarOnline about the fight, and setting the record straight!

It was self defense,” Adriana tells Radar, of her slap/punch to Joanna Krupa’s face. She continues, “Joanna deeply insulted me, cussed me out, bullied me and put her finger all over my face. I was physically attacked! I was verbally attacked! She was cornering me. I had to have self defense.”

“Joanna called me, right before I was leaving and she was chasing me down the hallway, she calls me a f**king hooker. She was calling me a whore so I guess I can call her a whore too. In love and war everything is fair. If you attack me, I will attack back.” Adriana said.

Despite Joanna saying Adriana is jealous of her, Adriana says that is not the case, “I don’t have to be jealous of her. I am a pretty brunette, I have a good body. She’s a pretty blonde. And I’m a pretty brunette. She has a pretty body, I have a pretty body,” she says. Adriana continues, “She has her modeling career. I have my art, my song, my movie, so I could tell her, listen you’re jealous of me. I’m about to release my single and you’re jealous of me. For the first time in housewives history we have a housewife that has a theme song. And it’s a good song. She’s jealous of me because of my song. I am definitely not jealous of her. I have no reason to.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on? Do you agree with what Adriana said?

Photo Credit: Bravo