Adriana de Moura, “I Was Acting Out Of Self-Defense! Joanna Is A Bully!”

After The Real Housewives of Miami aired the explosive episode of Adriana de Moura slapping fellow Housewife Joanna Krupa, Adriana took to her Bravo Blog to explain what happened from her point of view. She insists she was only acting in self-defense because Joanna had been attacking her all evening at the party. She claims Joanna is a bully and even bullies her own sister, Marta! Adriana also reveals the nasty things Joanna has said about Mama Elsa. You can read what she wrote below!

Adriana writes, “Being physically attacked by Joanna was one of the most traumatic moments of my life. I had no choice but to act instinctively in self-defense, since I was under physical attack.

Joanna had decided earlier that night that she was going to fight with somebody and she clearly stated that to her sister: “I’m going to kick someone’s ass tonight.” Marta pleaded with her to not start another fight, but she was angry and wanted to take it out on somebody, and I was the victim of choice for that night! I was alone and she felt she could bully me, the same way in the same way she bullies her own sister.

First she insulted me, making fun of what I was wearing and said I was “wearing a turd on my head.” Like that wasn’t enough, she even dissed Elsa, who wasn’t even there, by saying: Elsa is a f—— devil, bitch, burn in hell!” I was appalled to see how low she could go, even attacking an older lady, who wasn’t even present. At her age she deserves some respect!

Later she saw the opportunity to gang up on me while I was trying to clear the air with Karent in private. I found myself being cornered by her and her fiancé, who later tried to stop her from going crazy, but she pushed herself past him and went on to curse me out, putting her finger all over my face, told my I was a “nobody,” and called me a f—— whore! After all these insults and confrontation, I still manage to disengage and was trying to leave the party when she chased me down the hallway, shouting more insults and trying to stop me. I continue to walk away from her, but when I felt the PAIN of her fingernails in my flesh, my instincts kicked in and I reacted in self-defense.

After all of that, she went on to bully her sister, who was upset about Joanna’s behavior, and when she told her she shouldn’t have done that and that Romain left because he was so embarrassed by her crazy behavior, Joanna got in poor Marta’s face with the finger again and basically “skinned” her own sister out of her voice and opinions by threatening her. Poor Marta stated she hated her and left crying. Romain left embarrassed and later stated that if Joanna continued with the drinking and the fighting, he would have to leave her. Nobody could stop her that night, and when she attacked me, I was alone and had no choice but to defend myself. Basically, I was the last line of defense.

The whole altercation was very taxing on me emotionally, and I cried a lot when I got home. Never before in my life had I gotten physical with anyone. I had deep scratches in my arms and bruises that lasted
for weeks — that has healed, but the thought of that fight still brings me to a very painful place every time I have to speak about it.”

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  1. Your a damn liar she never touched u you were way out of line saying fuck off…then saying shut the fuck up…what lady talks like that u are evil and very wicked on top of stop lying u hit first and it was not out of defense so stop the shit omg I so don’t like u andy needs to get rid of u serious u r dangerous to others smh

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