Adriana de Moura Explains Why She Used E-Vites For Her Wedding


Adriana de Moura is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she used e-vites for her wedding. Adriana explains everyone is constantly using technology and are constantly on their phones, tablets and computers, so why waste paper? Read what else she had to say about the recent RHOM episode below.

Adriana writes, “Welcome to the 21st century! Yes, I had an Evite for my wedding, because we all live on our computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Who needs a printed invite when nobody cares about that anymore? Besides we need to save trees and think of our impact on the environment as well.

The mood board was important to make sure people didn’t show up in costumes, since it was a Great Gatsby themed wedding! I take my fashion seriously, it is a form of art, a form of expressing yourself, and on my wedding day I wanted to make sure everything looked perfect!

Getting IV cocktails was much needed, since I was running on fumes by that time! Sometimes vitamins aren’t well absorbed orally, hence, the need to get it intravenously during a pressing time. I was not going to let Marysol convince me to change my dress code, although she had been a great bridesmaid, and I appreciate her practical side. My wedding was about dreams and love, not practicality!”

Do you think Adriana is on to something or are wedding e-vites tacky?

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