Adriana de Moura On Apologizing To Lea Black


Adriana de Moura is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss seeing Lea Black face to face after their friendship fell apart. Adriana writes that after watching Lea’s family she realized Lea likes to control everyone and that is why she is holding a grudge against Adriana for not defending her against Ana’s claims.

Adriana writes, “For many months I had been been really sad and beating myself up over the downfall of my friendship with Lea. However it was interesting last week when I watched her sister say, “As long as we did what she said, we all got along great.”  That statement really resonated with me, since this is exactly how I feel. Lea and I got along just fine all these years as long as I did exactly what she wanted me to say or do, but the minute I didn’t speak on her behalf, she just turned on me. It felt really hurtful to see someone you loved as a sister just decide to punish you for what Ana said or did. I never really did anything to hurt her. But after listening to what her sister said, I understood that the problem is not with me but with her, since she likes to control people or else she will release her wrath on them… Like Lisa said, “She just likes to be the head bitch in charge all the time.”

Those are her personal issues, and I’m not going to hold that against her, but I also will no longer blame myself for everything that went wrong between us. Nonetheless I apologized to her, since I felt really bad for not being transparent about my marriage. I know I’m far from perfect, but I wasn’t doing anything to maliciously hurt her — I was just protecting my son and doing the best I could under the circumstances. I felt really happy to see her open up and be willing to talk things out!

It was great to see all the girls act like adults and move on from the petty issues…

I’m in such good place in my life right now that I no longer want to dwell on negativity. I just want to forgive and forget and let love lead my life.”

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2 Replies to “Adriana de Moura On Apologizing To Lea Black”

  1. I agree with Adriana. Hearing Lea’s sister say how controlling she is was enlightening. As we saw last night Lea absolutely must be the center of attention in her World of Lea Black. Personally I want nothing to do with her world.

  2. adrianna, a friend ssticks up for a friend. you just had to say to Ana, lies.all lies. and you lied to your bestf friend about being married, why? too suck her money for help. you are a discusting friend. and to use your son as an excuse that you were protecting him? please, lea was a near and dear friend of yours who you took help from, ($$$$) and as close as you say you wew like sisters, and you loved her, she would have been keeping that secret for you.
    your a joke, deceitful, hurtful friend. Lea is the boger person here. anybody would have stuck up for a friend against that bully ana, not you though. bye

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