Adriana de Moura Apologizes For Her Behavior On RHOM!

Adriana de Moura

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 is over, and what a Season it was! Adriana de Moura explains in her Bravo Blog that she is sad to say goodbye to viewers. She also apologizes for some of her behavior throughout the Season. She hopes that 2013 will bring blessings for everyone! She clarifies that she is not a “hater” and wishes to see all women succeed. Read what Adriana said below!

One more year has ended, our second season is ending — so many emotions and so many moments in which we cried and also laughed. Difficult moments with Joanna, hilarious moments with Elsa — gotta love her!  It is hard to say goodbye. Harder yet is to look back and see the moments in which we did succeed and the moments in which we failed. And for the moments in which I wasn’t acting on my best behavior, I will apologize. I’m only human and can only take so much. Nonetheless, I will take the high road like I should, and I will apologize.

I apologize for misunderstandings, and I apologize for the impetuosity of my responses. I’m not a hater, au contraire, I’m always cheering for women. It makes me happy to see women succeed in life and to find their inner peace and  their real love; love that is not toxic, love that heals, love that brings out the best in us. And that is my wish to each girl in our show — may 2013 bring you healing from the losses we had in the past year and may we dream for bigger and better things at the dawn of this new year.

For our Bravo and RHOM fans, I say thank you for watching and following us during Season 2. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, and you can be sure that is always better when we are together! Happy New Year!

Tell Us- What do YOU think of Adriana’s apology?

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7 Replies to “Adriana de Moura Apologizes For Her Behavior On RHOM!”

  1. Unfortunately Adriana is the type that will say she’s sorry but continue to be hurtful again and again. Especially when it comes to jealousy of others and her cast mates. Adriana loses all control when she’s around Joanna because of the envy and jealousy she feels towards her. Joanna brings out Adriana’s glaring insecurities. She is so threatened by Joanna’s beauty which most certainly shows how insecure she is in her own skin. She knows she is no cover girl beauty and never will be. Until Adriana learns to love herself the way she is, nothing will change. She will never give credit to Joanna as being her equal. Adriana acts and thinks she better than the rest. During the reunion show she really seemed like a totally angry, distraut mental person. It was like she was possessed. You could see it in her eyes and her bodily reactions. She was having an epileptic anger fit. Fighting at nothing and everything. The scene was really pitiful. Adriana is supposed to be a grown educated woman and she acted like a spoiled angry child who couldn’t have their way. People who are capable of displaying this behavior in public most certainly have serious issues all the time. Anger fuels them. I feel sorry for those around her. Adriana needs to get a grip and learn how it feels to have empathy for other human beings. The ingrained intensity of her anger is very dangerous and can be harmful to herself and others. She needs a good shrink. She also needs to stay away from Joanna, for Joanna’s safety. That is the least she can do while she seeks help.

  2. honestly i think its sincere. reality tv is like a mirror so when you get to see how u act on tv you begin to say “wow wth is wrong with me” i love adrianna and i love joanna both were wrong in what they did on the show but w.e thats life

  3. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Joanna and Adriana are equally beautiful. I can’t see Adriana being envious of Joanna’s on again, off again relationship. Adrianna is in a loving relationship and she has an intelligent, gorgeous son. They built their boat and they’re going off sailing into the moonlight. While Joanna wonders about her relationship and I don’t see what Joanna does to keep herself busy. Yep, don’t see the jealousy whatsoever. To each their own opinion.

  4. i think Adriana is nothing more than trash. She makes me sick. I wish i was at that party and she would touch me, i’d love to show her how to REALY smach someone. I hope she isn’t on season 3.

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