Adriana de Moura Accuses Lea Black Of Planning Her Demise


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, former friends Adriana de Moura and Lea Black get into a heated argument because Adriana was told by people in the community that Lea planted the story about her already being married in the paper. Adriana tells Lea that she thought they were like sisters, but all along Lea was planning her demise.

“What I heard you say or what was in the paper is that you just went on a whim and got married,” Lea tells Adriana.

“Well, obviously what was written in the paper was spun in a very mean way just to hurt me. And people told me that you did that. That you planted the article in the paper just to hurt me, because you were upset with me because I didn’t defend you against Ana.” Adriana reveals.

“Well it wasn’t me!” Lea insists. “I didn’t even know the story.”

As Adriana gets more angry, Lea keeps saying, “I never went to the paper.”

“I thought I had a sister in you,” Adriana tells Lea. “What I had in the end was a wicked sister. That all along was planning my demise.”

“The only person who’s planning your demise is you,” Lea says.

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2 Replies to “Adriana de Moura Accuses Lea Black Of Planning Her Demise”

  1. Adriana needs to learn to control herself…she makes herself look like such an ass all the time!!! Honey take a zanax or something this is not normal no matter where your from

  2. Lea already knew the story. She leaked the story to the press to try to hurt Adriana.
    Typical Lea. Throw the stone then hide her hand. She is such a sneaky bitch.
    Team Adriana all the way!!!!

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