7 Secrets From The RHOC Season 11 Reunion


Over the past several weeks we watched this season’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion and thanks to Bravo we have some footage that didn’t make it to air.

There’s No Alcohol In Tamra Judge’s Home.

Love ❤️ you @eddiejudge just incase you didn’t know. @cutfitoc

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Tamra shared, “I don’t drink very often. Maybe have a glass of wine here and there. I never drink during the week. Eddie’s not a drinker, so he’s fine with it. We don’t have alcohol in the house…I’m not good on alcohol.”

Meghan Edmonds Ran Out Of The Reunion Multiple Times.


That’s right, Andy Cohen gave the mommy-to-be the okay to take as many potty breaks as she needed throughout the reunion.

Terry Dubrow Is Ripped.

Heather gushed about Terry, saying, “Terry is ripped, shredded. He will tell everyone, he will lift his shirt in a restaurant. He looks great. He’s very healthy. We’re older parents. We want to be around.”

Vicki’s Neck Recovery.


Vicki’s neck is doing well after the dune buggy accident and doing physical therapy. “My neck is good. I do physical therapy, I’m grateful…” she shared.

Kelly Worked In Advertising.


Kelly Dodd revealed that she worked in advertising for a year at the Orange County Register.

Heather Had PTSD.


After the dune buggy accident, Heather revealed she suffered from PTSD, saying, “My understanding of the definition of PTSD is being in a stressful traumatic situation that effects you and I literally for two weeks would close my eyes and feel my face in the sand and I would have dreams Nicky was in the car.”

Tamra Is A Morning Person.


Tamra revealed that she starts her day at 5 AM, “I try to go to church as much as I can. I start my morning out with my bike and my bible at 5 in the morning.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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so tired of Tamra, Heather & Shannon…. they think their poop doesn’t stink and their noses are too far up in the air….

Cin, you said it. They think their way is perfect in every aspect. So totally sick of them.

Aren’t we all they need to look in the mirror before they pass judgement on anyone! Now the 3 of them have banded together and are a pack of hypocrites. Get them off the show already Tamara is trying to hide behind her new found religion but we all see the real Tamara it comes through no matter how hard she tries to push it down! Because that’s who she really is!!!

The Countess of Hootersville

Their poop smell like roses…or French lavender, Shannon only eats organic food, so her poop smells like organic lavender….Heather is to classy for her poop to smell, so she drinks champagne with rose petals so her poop smells like roses…and Tamra believes in Yeesus and her faith is strong, so her dung smells…heavenly

PTSD after a sand buggy accident….#PrayForHeather

LMAO !!!

Rolling a dune buggy is no joke, Trump. How nice that you think it’s funny. Have you personally been in one that rolled? I’m sure you’re such a perfect specimen of courage, that you would have simply walked away, broken leg, oh well. Damaged spine, no big. This so far is the only story after the reunion? I guess there is a lot to write about, being all the “ladies’ had their usual shrieking, getting over on one another, trying to look better than everyone else, Viki the ICKY thinking she runs the show, telling Andy what he can talk… Read more »

Stupid. Idiot.

Grow up!

Good mornin sweet Susie girl❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And a hooly mornin to you too Stupido

Good Morning Sweet Miss M have a lovely Thanksgiving! Don’t forget my share of the pies and cheesecake!

Yes AND? Lots of people in car or motorcycle or even dune buggy accidents can have lingering fears. Or is it just Heather that isn’t allowed to have those?

Thank You, Marilyn. 🙂

I don’t think anyone should criticize Heather about this. We’re all different.

No doubt they were all injured in some way on that dune buggy accident. However, PTSD? Of course Heather has to give it a name. Wonder if it affected her bad prima dona behavior and ugliness she spews out as she constantly bosses and belittles everyone.

Enough rotten egg! Hope you have some real friends that can tell you how off kilter the sentiments you are spewing is making you look.

I think that RHONY cast shake up is heading up for RHOC.

But one thing I’m bored of right is Tamra judge

She’s RHOC biggest hypocrite who accuses people of spreading rumours when she’s shit-stirred and spread loads of about Gretchen, Jeana, Alexis and her own BFF Shannon.

I am done with Tamra she’s a boring two-faced hypocrite is extremely fake and it’s time for her to get fired

And sour face Shannon surely the producers can actually get some classy women in.

totally agree… Tamra has been so ugly and nasty thru the years – it’s a joke. Now her face doesn’t move so we can’t tell what the heck she is thinking…. scary !

I agree I have been watching this show for 10 years and since the day Tamara came on she has been vile rude and nasty. She has spread so many rumors and now she has decided to be vickys judge and jury? What a disgusting hypocrite , two faced , sell out she has become! As for heather what a joke she tries so hard to put on this perfect persona but she is just as guilty as the rest of them and can’t hide behind the excuses she makes for her bad behavior any more she’s just as big… Read more »

Exactly that’s so true, vicki spreads rumours that is true but Tamra just looks silly being the judge and jury because she’s done it plenty of times that’s why I’ve really disliked her this season she’s a massive hypocrite

I don’t think any of the ladies are safe and it’s gunna be really interesting to see who goes and who stays

i love shannon i think she makes the show!!!!

Gawd almighty, Viki can’t even speak without either lying, or negating her own part in things. She absolutely has no ability to simply be honest, apologize, and STOP THERE. It’s ALWAYS, “but she did this, or she was saying that because”…. etc. Even when her own daughter makes an observation, she excuses her part in it. Part of her sincerity chip is missing. Gone. Never to be found again. She can never be a true friend, like Jaqueline, always keeps secrets in a little box to be used when needed, as in whenever she is the one being called out… Read more »

I totally agree! Xoxoxoxox

Hi 3D’s, I agree with everything you posted here (both posts). That beast is in such denial and thinks she is such hot shit that she does nothing wrong, she is ALWAYS the victim, her own kids don’t respect her (they just like her $ and WHO KNOWS IF THAT’S EVEN LEGALLY ACQUIRED….) and honestly? I can’t watch anymore. I didn’t watch this entire season, just bits and pieces and read all the recaps and this blog and I just can’t have this crap enter my head anymore…… I’d rather watch Bambi or the Grinch.. at least the music is… Read more »
I have always been a fan of Tamra’s. If all of these ladies sat around and held their spoon correctly, spoke with politeness at all times, never had an argument, or repeated anything, there wouldn’t BE A SHOW. I kind of doubt even Andy knew it would gain so much momentum when he decided he wanted to see “behind the gates.” There’s always the ability to read Emily Post’s book, “Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home.” Or Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, if that is what the viewers are really wanting to… Read more »
I felt like Kelly over reacted on all her outbursts until the bus ride to the airport. Heather was so ugly to Kelly . Kelly should have shut heather down than drag everyone else in. I understand Tamra was mad at Kelly for the daughter comment but you act like women not middle school girls. I don’t like Vicki at all. She always wants to be the center of attention & just the way she has treated people in the past says a lot about her. If she was treated the way she has treated people in the past she… Read more »

I wish Gretchen & Alexis were back with this cast. Now that would be interesting especially since Alexis is also Christian

The Countess of Hootersville

My cleaning lady stole one of my Birkin handbags…it was a traumatic experience for me, I think I also have PTSD

Princess of Strogonoff

I understand your pain, one my Louboutins got a scratch in the heel…I was in a state of shock, I needed therapy for PTSD as well

Soooo sick of the “mean girls” on the left side of the couch…even their smiles in the photo above look fake as can be…Shannon’s story about the alleged abuse from David made no sense, what did a photo from Hawaii have to do with it? This whole season just was kind of a drag with a lot of finger-pointing and judging and then at the reunion, shrieking…not fun.

I was watching part 3 of the reunion where Kelly says “I have that sense of humor, when someone doesn’t like something, I do it further ( her usual destruction of the English language ), it’s just how I do things.” Well, that is a really stupid, childish way to do things. Kelly is manic-depressive to the nth degree. She gets all riled up insulting people, says things like “she’s a phucking liar, she’s a GD liar” over and over, then she starts crying when everyone as a group gets upset. That is NOT BULLYING, YOU MORON. That is a… Read more »

And then it’s always “I was kidding.” Hey, Kelly, maybe ask your daughter how mature people handle things like that.

I like shannon, tamara, heather and megan! Can’t stand Vicky, and Kelley – they need to go. So sorry Megan is leaving – I love her smile. Shannon is real, and has a sense of humor. Tamara tells it likes it is. Heather tries to have fun and got the name “fancy pants”. She is kind and and has a head on her shoulder. She can’t help that she is rich. I suppose that without vicky and kelley there wouldn’t be much of a show. Wouldn’t that be nice?