Gizelle Bryant: Karen Broke Girl Code


Once the ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac seem to squash their beef, new drama seems to unravel. After Ashley Darby’s party, the ladies seemed a bit confused of the “teeny bopper” event with Katie Rost packing on the PDA and animal print galore.  With that, Karen Huger threw her watch party to show the ladies how it is done in Potomac and the event ended up with Ashley’s husband taking his pants off and Karen Huger messing up Gizelle Bryant’s dates’ name. In an interview with Gizelle, she spoke to the Daily Dish about her thoughts on the event and her rules on dating. Why did Katie’s behavior at Ashley’s party concern you?

Gizelle Bryant: Katie is a fun, young, beautiful girl raising three little kids. She and I have a similar situation as it relates to our kids, a set of twins so close in age to the older sibling. I understand how difficult it is to raise three young kids. So when Katie gets to let her hair down, she definitely knows how to do that. However, there is having fun and then there is partying like Courtney Love circa 2001. I was looking forward to having fun with Katie but she didn’t know that anything was in the room outside of Andrew’s lips and tongue. I mean a girl should always enjoy her boyfriend but groping him to the point where you don’t realize anyone else is around is a little cause for pause, like let me give her some ice water, yep super side eye. What are the Do’s and Don’ts of dating Gizelle Bryant? What do you think about Andrew’s comments, Karen’s mishap and everyone’s big to-do about your date?

GB: Do’s and Don’ts of dating Gizelle…show up on time, be fresh dressed like a million bucks, and smell like David Beckham. Be ready to talk about everything and nothing but only if it’s funny. My don’ts are simple, don’t do anything to me that you would not do for your Momma. When everyone saw Herman they acted so shocked and surprised that I had brought a date like I was a Grey Garden’s recluse and hadn’t seen or smelled a man in 27 years. I just didn’t understand the shock and awe. I was told the event was BYOM, and I knew better not to break anymore of Karen’s etiquette rules. Now, I know not to break Karen’s rules, but clearly Karen needs a new book to read. It’s called GIRL CODE. She needs to read it cover to cover especially page 78. When being introduced to your girlfriend’s date you do not refer to him by name unless you KNOW HIS NAME. Oh, the shade, shade, shade of Mrs. Huger…don’t be mad at me because I get to enjoy the company of many different men and you can’t. What were you thinking when you caught Ashley’s husband with his pants down?

GB: I was really enjoying the yacht party and everyone seemed to be having such a great time until I looked over and saw Michael Darby stripping down to his speedos. Hold up, stop, wait a minute, screech needle on the record. First of all, I don’t want to see his speedos. Second of all, where did he think he was jumping in the middle of the night, off the 2nd story of the yacht? I love the way Ashley wasn’t really trying to stop him from jumping…but knowing Ashley I’m sure that his insurance policy is quite hefty….just saying. I just needed for Michael to understand that when Karen has a party no one takes off their shoes, unless you’ve danced successfully like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. No one goes overboard unless pushed…and no one ever, ever shows their speedos unless we have dollar bills ready to make it rain.

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