Brooks Ayers Claims Vicki Gunvalson Is Still Texting Him


RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson sat down with Andy Cohen last week to tell her side of the story about Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal and was adamant that she never wanted to speak to him again, but Brooks is revealing Gunvalson is still in touch with him.

“Vicki keeps saying she hates me and is not going to talk to me ever again and that I duped her,” Ayers told E! News. “She was texting me just last night! We were bantering back and forth about some of the things she had said on the special.”

He continued, “I called her out on a lot of it and she basically said it was something she had to do to protect herself.”

“It is not true at all,” Vicki told E! News exclusively. “I did not reach out to him. He is lying.”

E! also obtained a copy of an email Vicki sent to her co-stars: “I never meant to bring any of you into this and I do wish you all would not have turned your back on me but come and help me,” she wrote. “Regarding my ‘next move’…. It’s to carry on my life and to put this nightmare to end. To be the best mother and grandmother to my children, to continue to be the professional business owner that I am and to have you ladies understand the HELL that I have gone through having him in my life.”

She added, “I hope none of you will ever experience it and yes Tamra you were right. I should have listened to you. Beyond that I ask for forgiveness and am sincerely sorry.”

A source, however, tells E! that Gunvalson reached out to everyone and has even spoken to Judge and Dubrow before Cohen’s interview aired.

Do you believe that Vicki is still in touch with Brooks? Comment below.

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17 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Claims Vicki Gunvalson Is Still Texting Him”

    1. I wish they could lockdown Brooks pemanently and maybe it’s only the other housewives not Vicki after the things they have been saying!

  1. She said she wanted them to “Help her”? They tried to help her by making her see the truth. She just is so self involved she can’t see anyone else’s point of view!

  2. She makes me want to vomit. Disgusting. Why would vicki even entertain the idea of returning to the show. That’s just disgusting she would even entertain the idea of embarrassing herself more than she has. Give it up old goat. I’m her age so I can call her that.

  3. I actually believe Vicki on this, it seems like she realizes want a mistake she made since people are calling for her to fired, if anything is gonna make her cut off from Brooks it will be her place on the show.
    If he had texts he’d release them, he’s just a desperate loser, making claims he can’t back up, again.

  4. What is this crap that Vicki persists in asking for someone to have her back, even when she loudly turns her back on them? Vicki received four years of feedback from her friends and chose Crooks. She needs to own her decisions and if the other women are done with her, so be it bc the trust is gone.

  5. Although Brooks tends to be a liar, I actually believe this. Vicki is so needy and I believe that she will ALWAYS be the one initiating contact with this loser. She’s pathetic. Get her off the show.

  6. While he’s proven to be a liar, I believe him. She’s done the same thing in the past. I don’t believe anything she has to say. Can’t believe she has a business and people trust her.

  7. I wish people wouldn’t bring her business into this stupid story because it is in no way applicable or relevant. Plenty of men have run successful businesses and had personal lives that were an atrocious mess. Leave that part out; don’t mess with her ability to survive; that’s off limits.

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