Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams Fight On RHOA


On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore planned a boat ride for the ladies in hopes of taking Cynthia Bailey’s mind off her martial issues, but instead something happened that no one saw coming.

After a day of heated exchanges between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey, Bailey seemed to get upset when Porsha called her “bitch” one too many times. She tells Williams that when she said, “whatever, bitch,” that it was “very dismissive.” Cynthia tells Porsha that she’s not going to “go there” with her and not be “disrespectful.” Porsha insists she didn’t mean anything by calling Cynthia “bitch” and says she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

“You are fake as f*ck,” Porsha tells Cynthia after the argument gets more and more heated.

“Your faux ass chin is motherf*cking fake,” Bailey yells back as arms start flailing.

“You’ve been sitting on this boat all day and now you mad?” Porsha continues. “But this is how you wanna be?”

“Get your damn hand out of my face,” Cynthia insists, as Porsha gets and her leg looks like it’s headed for Cynthia’s face.

“Bitch, I will f*ck you up!” someone yells with a to be continued subtitle…

Whose side are you on? Discuss the episode below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Cynthia was completely wrong, they had been calling EACHOTHER b&@^* all day. Way too drunk to even be taken seriously. I don’t like calling women names even friends because this is what happens.

Agreed. I think this was the first time I actually saw Cynthia liquored up on camera to where you could tell she was feeling “niiiiiiiiice”. The only problem with drinking is, there’s always a point where feeling nice can go sideways when people have issues, and this scenario was the perfect example. I loved how Tootie, a non-drinker, refused to relax her standards and partake in the alcohol no matter how much they poked and prodded. It was like watching young teenagers enact peer pressure tactics at a slumber party. If a person chooses to not drink, then by God… Read more »

Great comment. As a non-drinker, sometimes people don’t get that it’s just a matter of attraction no more, no less.

Ditto, ditto, and ditto, Bon.

I was so baffled by it, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Porsha did try to explain herself and apologize, Cynthia went off the deep end, although porsha was annoying, she should of just walked away. Very stupid fight, jello shots anyone???

Duchess of Wienerschintzel

Cynthia lost her cool and glamour…and Porsha brought int the light her inner ghetto girl

This show is getting far too ghetto for my taste

Yes, Cynthia flew off the handle first, but someone tell me who the hell the REAL Porsha is please? She started out as this dumb straight lace girl who’s only goal was to give to her grandfathers charity. She was fresh, natural, classy and pretty. Now? She’s a ghetto bitch that talks about sex all the time (which is fine) but be one way or the other!! Personally, I think she tries way to hard on both personalities. Not sure either one is “really” her, but if I had to guess it would be the man hungry, ego maniac. The… Read more »

Completely agree with you Cecilia! I thought she ruined herself with plastic surgery. I don’t get this new personality, I think she has become vulger and slutty, I liked the other porsha way better, she needs to look in the mirror and say, oh god what have I done!!

Agreed. I was looking at Porsha this episode, and all I could think was this transformation she’s so proudly taken herself through seems to be more befitting of the Playboy Playmate brand than what is expected from a young woman with a bloodline as important to history as hers. All the enhancements, the constant flaunting of her body at every opportunity, the public touting of her own sexual prowess on national television, it’s just ENOUGH already. Anybody can buy a butt and boobs, and quite frankly, every woman’s vagina likely works nearly the same with the same effects on a… Read more »

That puts a different spin on it. Brava Bon V.

Yes, well said, Cecilia. I always wonder why beautiful, YOUNG women have “work” done. Yes, it looks like someone worked her over. Like you said she blends in with all of the other over worked, overused, overbotoxed, and under educated women from all the housewives cities. I think Bee was correct when she said she thought the botox might be addictive. If they only knew that we aren’t saying it to be mean. They look more and more like a melted Barbie doll as they get older. geez, and for 30 to be needing any kind of “work.”

I was so hoping this season wouldn’t be these constant fights. I know drama is necessary, but I really wanted to like this city. Without Nene I thought maybe the drama portion would be something real, not fabricated. Cynthia has always been boring IMO. She is still boring and now she’s getting drunk and picking fights. Hey, Cyn, this doesn’t make you interesting.

I haven’t watched this but from the story above it sounds like two school children having a fight!

Yes. Cynthia obviously had too much to drink. She blew it waaaaay out of proportion. However, I can’t say I’m unhappy to see Porsha finally get “shut down”. I’ve never been more disgusted by any RH’s stupidity, blatant arrogance, and frivolousness…than Porhsa’s. 12 weeks pregnant=2 months? 264 days in a year?? The Underground Railroad has tracks??? If Porsha’s overall stupidity was characterized with even slight authenticity…she would almost be tolerable. However, when a stupid woman (like Porsha) suffers from such incomprehensible entitlement…I no longer care who’s right, or wrong. I just want one of these women to punch Porsha in… Read more »

I completely agree Nick. Porsha tries too hard and it comes across phony. Not sure if you read my post above, but think we have thought process as far as Porsha is concerned. Why is she back on the show?? Cecilia

This just reaffirmed for me that Cynthia is a follower. She didn’t get all snappy until kenya got into with porsha friend shamea. Even after Porsha tried to clear the air and make nice Cynthia still wanted to fight! Maybe Cynthia should latch back onto Nene again because she seemed to have a lot more class back then. She’s gotten real ratchet hanging with kenya. So much for Nene being the source of conflict. These girls are a hot mess without her.

I didn’t see Cynthia following anyone, I saw a a woman who was clearly well-oiled from Margaritas, using a past issue with Porsha as a justification to start going off because she’s in a troubled marriage, and obviously has pent up anger issues that she chose to direct at the wrong person, for the wrong reason. That doesn’t have anything to do with following one cast member or the other, it’s a page from “Marital Demise 101” playbook from the metaphorical chapters entitled “Remember to Use Your Grown Up Words”, and “Scream in Your Therapist’s Office, Not at Your Family… Read more »

Bah ha ha ha! Agreed. When can I purchase the book?

I’m confused though. Why not attempt to handle the issue earlier? Why wait until kenya decides to throw her friend off the boat that she wants to get all hyped up? It almost seemed like her and kenya discussed taking their issues up with them at this party after kenya made her speech and went to tattle tale and Cynthia and porsha were supposed to smooth things out ended with Cynthia losing her shit. It seemed like someone else’s fender bender lead into this hideous crash and it just happens to be two “besties” against each other. Very high school

The marriage drama is clearly taking a toll on Cynthia and she was inebriated and acting out, as we’ve often seen people in troubled marriages do. Misplaced anger directed towards another. Porsha eventually responded to her snapping at her, and it escalated from there. By the time we see a wife behave like this, it usually is a clear sign that her marriage is at the point of return and she is losing control of herself, the scene reminded me of Ramona Singer. I expect a divorce from Peter and an eventual apology to knocking Porsha down, although Porsha should… Read more »

This show is mind rot.

Totally agree 😀

Hey you sweet Sally! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo


These women displayed why calling someone bitch and drinking is a recipe for disaster as it is eventually construed by someone as malicious. The woman whose description of her husband “as white as a Nazi” was shocking. Doesn’t she know that the name Nazi is considered a pejorative and that the Nazi’s killed 50 million people?

I stopped watching rhoa and reading this makes me glad I did . A bunch of loud mouthed , obnoxious hoochies , ‘throwing shade’ blah blah blah . I would yawn, but there’s a bitter taste in my mouth

😀 😀


Drunken fighting is not a cute look, Cynthia.

This is a perfect example of how adding dumb cast members , really lowers the IQ and standards of everybody around them

The Countess of Hootersville

They looked like strippers fighting over a client who wants a private dance

You seem to know a lot about it…do tell, please

Can you say … Ghetto girls?