Ariana Madix Opens Up About What It Was Like Being There When Shay Came Home


Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is opening up about this week’s episode and her friendship with Scheana and Shay in a new interview with Bravo. Madix says the newlyweds are like family to her and describes what it was like being there when Shay finally came home. How did you feel when Scheana first confided in you about what was going on with Shay?
Ariana Madix: Scheana and Shay are like family to me, so to hear about the struggles they were going through as a couple and what Shay was going through individually made me feel helpless. I know from personal experience that it can be hard to open up to those you’re close to about serious struggles because you always want to be positive and you don’t want anyone to worry. However, it felt horrible to know that they were taking on such huge issues on their own. I also worried that because I don’t have much knowledge about addiction combined with depression that I would give advice with the best intentions, only to be doing more harm than good. I wanted to urge them to see a professional immediately. I will always be there to help in any way I can, but I want what is best for both of them and I feel as though a specialist is exponentially better equipped to give them the tools to repair the problems at the root of it all. When Shay came back home he admitted to being intimidated by Scheana and was glad you guys were there too. How did it feel being there?
AM: I was ready to do whatever they needed even if it was something as simple as a hug or someone to listen. It broke my heart to see Shay so broken-down, but it was really good to see him and have him back. I’m glad he found his voice because without open communication none of this would be resolved. The women in Scheana’s life tried our best to be there for her while she was alone, but I know that nothing could ever replace the presence of the love of her life. Was it shocking to learn about his addiction?
AM: It was shocking because it didn’t sound like him at all. All of the things Scheana told me sounded like a different person and that really concerned me. It made me feel like he must be hiding all of this out of shame and I hated the idea of him fighting this battle alone. I also felt horrible that Scheana had all of this bottled up inside and was worried that she would burden me with bad news. She could never be a burden. That’s what friends are for and I’d drop everything if she needed me. All she had to do was ask. During your dinner with Peter and his new girlfriend, the topic of marriage came up. Is the fact that Tom is open to marriage difficult given your stance on marriage?
AM: Tom and I poke fun at all of it. It’s not a big deal. We are more likely to argue about what movie to watch than the idea of marriage. We have our sights set on so many future adventures that I can’t really see us having the time for wedding planning (or the money- traveling isn’t cheap). Tom coined the term “adulting”, what does adulting mean to you?
AM: This meme.

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  1. I like her as well but on a side note, I LOVED her eyebrows in this episode. It was the best I’ve seen on any blonde and I’d love to know the color, eyeshadow/Pencil that was used. She is very pretty but her eyebrows looked gorgeous:)

  2. This article isn’t about this but I want to say I think it is odd that with every slimy thing Jaxx has done, these friends still travel with him, invite him into their lives in every capacity and trust him with personal things, but Stassi, who I am not necessarily a fan of, couldn’t catch a break for having a bad season. Sure she was full of herself, but similar to the people who called Theresa a loved one, her friends, during the years they were close, allowed her to be more overbearing and never called her out then. We all learn from friends telling us what they deem acceptable to them. You don’t wait till everyone else is saying it and jump on. I very much disliked the reunion where all of them, including Lisa, wouldn’t even allow her to answer a question. I understand the show has to film with them all, so trips and such are necessary, but Stassi had a really valid reason for not going. On the other hand anyone who remains friendly toward a total douche like Jaxx is a coward. Like Shwartz allowing him to insult Katie and just look the other way. Like Stassi said, “half weasel, half vagina” perfect description of him, little punk. And now Kristen gives one half assed apology to Ariana and now 2 years of sabotage is supposed to be forgotten. Sheana isn’t being a very good “best friend” as she likes to keep saying she is with Ariana. I never saw Sheana do anything the way a best friend would. Again, Stassi apologizes several times during reunion and she gets eye rolls. Jaxx gets a pass and she gets ganged up on. Everyone butting in answering other’s questions, just on and on, and no one even gave her a chance to say “Look, I don’t want to be friends with someone like Jaxx, like Sandovel, like Kristen, who all have been cruel to me”
    I also thought it was incredibly ironic that Tom S. says he looks for the good in EVERYONE, including Jaxx, who screwed his GF twice, lied about him several times, made it difficult for Katie and Shwartz, has a propensity to be a w***e, just basically a person who has screwed Tom and Tom several times and was forgiven, but Stassi, who only did a few months of stuff, was frozen out with what looks to be no chance for redemption. Bunch of hypocrites!

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