Brooks Ayers Planning Tell-All Book About RHOC?


It’s official! Former RHONJ star Jim Marchese has confirmed that Brooks Ayers is planning to write a tell-all book about his time spent on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Marchese confirmed Ayers reached out to him for advice about his potential tell-all.

“Basically he and I connected on Twitter,” Marchese told RadarOnline. “He started retweeting some things, and we talked on the phone in the last two weeks.”

“He was interested in talking about ideas for a book,” Jim revealed. “It was really the fist time we spoke. It was more introducing each other because he doesn’t watch New Jersey and I don’t watch OC.”

Apparently Brooks isn’t the first person who has contacted Jim for being disgruntled with the network. “It’s funny because he’s not the first one to reach out to me: But he’s the first one to make it public on Twitter,” Marchese said. “It’s a small universe for husbands who are abused by Bravo!”

“He did it publicly,” he continued. “To put it this way, pretty much every disgruntled Bravo husband or housewife has reached out, so I have struck quite a cord with the community because apparently not everyone drinks the Kool-Aid.”

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30 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Planning Tell-All Book About RHOC?”

  1. OMG! Jim Marchese STFU!
    Brooks crawl back into the hole you came out of no one is interested in your slimy book! Turd of turd hall! That’s your title Brooks!

    1. So Agree for the love of God Shut Up- Brooks & Jim would be quite a pair. I would think Bravo has Iron Clad paperwork that can limit what he can and cannot divulge. Didnt Jim just get a boat load of money for turning someone in. He best be careful – Brooks may have an eye on a piece of Jims Pie JMO

      1. He got 1.5m for the cancer drug which was known not to work and I believe 8.5m for his last escapade! They are both scum! I would love to see someone sue them, it would make my day!

      2. I know, Violet. they both see their $$$ going down, down, down the drain. Maybe they could go on a house husbands retreat! They could all write a book about how horrible bravo was for paying them to be jerks.

  2. Absolute moron. Both of them.

    So pathetic for Jim to blame Bravo editing for making him look like the bad guy when he proved himself to be a complete twat on Twitter, if it were Bravo editing he would have been completely different in real life, but he was actually worse.
    And Brooks is pathetic blaming Bravo for his fake cancer, you showed fake medical reports to E! News after the show was done.

    I’d actually be interested in a book about the behind the scenes at Bravo, but this loser has 0 credibility, even though I’d be super interested in the subject, I would never read this as you couldn’t believe a word of it.

    I hope he spends AGES writing this book, but before he can release it Bravo sue the shit out of him for breach of contract (I’m willing to bet anything Bravo had him sign contracts that he couldn’t talk about this, given what a loser he is) and he winds up so broke we never have to hear from him again.

    1. He’s talking about writing a tell all, while threatening Vicki with a lawsuit for breaking a non-disclosure agreement?! He can’t have it both ways! If he writes this book (which I wouldn’t read upon the threat of death) Vicki should be able to void the NDA. He’s so full of crap his eyes are brown! They sure can’t put it in the non-fiction section…..the whole thing will be fiction from start to finish. Also, getting advise from Jim Marchese about writing a book is like getting advise on dieting from Rosie O’Donnell.

    2. The problem with your plan is that it would require Brooks to do some work. We all know that is not going to happen. He is looking to get paid while letting New Jersey Napoleon do the work for him.

  3. Somebody please take this ass to the Everglades and throw him in the swamp with the alligators, although they probably would kick him out because the swamp is to good for him, they don’t want that VILE piece of filth there 🙂

  4. Seems more like Brooks belongs in honey boo boo’s world….only that show got cancelled cause mama June (married) started fooling Round with her daughter’s convicted sex abuser.

  5. MORON…… Can he even write? When he faked the records of the hospital he couldn’t even get that right.
    I see a very short book.

  6. Brooks is going to spill OC blood by exposing personal information that Vic shared about her cast mates. Brooks’ declaration/threat of a Tell-All was meant to get the women’s attention. Unlike most whores, Brooks will accept a check for services rendered and he wants all the OC women to pay up.

    1. If it’s even true he has a publisher interested in the place. This is a message he’ sending to the cast, likely in an effort to get them to hush up about last season.

    1. Ditto. That old one was just that, old. In the first seasons of OC, I thought Viki was just funny. As time went on I thought, well, she has faults. Then I really didn’t like her for what she did to Donn. But that was not what did it for me. I did think her friends should feel different, because they said they loved her, even tho she has proven herself a liar. Then I pitied her.
      Now she is just pitiful and a liarface. You were right on from the beginning. I went back and blog surfed and found some older posts, it was enjoyable reading those too. She turned out to be a backstabber and a liar in a big way. Just like you said she would.

  7. Of course Brooks reached out to Jim Marcrazy…you don’t think he was actually going to work on something himself, did you?

  8. I hate to say it, but if true this book will sell big time. Many people would LOVE to read about the dirt on VIcky and the OC franchise!!

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