Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Headed For Divorce?


In this preview for tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey have a serious and emotional conversation about their marriage, which leads to Thomas to ask Bailey when she stopped loving him, and her answer just might shock you.

“You and I know that there is a disconnect between us,” Bailey replied. “So we need to figure out what our plan is because we can’t keep going like this.”

“Our problem is that we made no time for each other,” he said, adding that their careers have gotten in the way of their relationship.

When Cynthia questioned what happened to their marriage, Peter was quick to blame her for their problems. “Because you don’t make the time,” he said.

“Ok so I don’t make the time,” she snipped. “So I have all this time and I choose not to spend any of it with you.”

“I feel like I made a lot of sacrifices to be here,” Bailey continued. “I uprooted myself from my home in New York City with my child and my nanny and moved here because I met a man named Peter Thomas who I thought was great.”

“The wedding was a challenge,” she added. “The challenges started pretty much when I got here.”

An emotional Peter tried to explain to Cynthia how he was feeling. “What I’m trying to say is the essence of us got lost,” he yelled. “It’s not my fault—it’s our fault.”

“I feel like we’re exactly where we are now where we were five years ago,” Bailey replied. “Some things are better. Then, maybe we weren’t making no money, but the love life was better. We had a better relationship during that time.”

Peter started to become defensive and yelled “it’s not my fault!”

“Nobody is saying that it’s your fault,” Cynthia screamed.

Then she confessed, “I just know that I am unhappy, and what I equate to being unhappy is well maybe I’m just not in love with him anymore.”

“I just want to know, when did you stop loving me?” he cried.

Watch the preview below.

Do you think Peter and Cynthia’s marriage will last? Comment below.

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27 Replies to “Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Headed For Divorce?”

  1. Personal opinion! She is nuts to stay with him, he is draining her financially and making a mockery of their marriage! I do not believe the video as I have said before but I do believe he is a cheat.

    1. I don’t think he’s draining her financially because his Sports One restaurant in North Carolina is doing well and he has interest in coffee farms in Jamaica where his Blue Mountain coffee line is made . Still, for obvious reasons I don’t think this marriage was the best move for her. To completely change your life from being based in Manhattan where there is EVERYTHING you could want, to move to Atlanta???? Not even for love would I ever consider it. If you’re going to uproot your life to move to an entirely new environment, it should be about UPGRADE, not the opposite.

      Atlanta’s a very nice town to visit with wonderful regional charm, but to LIVE there? I have a relative that moved there after experiencing life in South Beach and San Francisco, and she’s miserable. For all of the manicured neighborhoods and materialistic excess, the people there and their mentality there is a** backwards.. just a terrible quality of people in terms of genuine kindness and authenticity. However, she and her husband have great jobs & provide a stable life of comfort for their children so there they will remain – but make no mistake, she is counting down the next 10 years until the children are off to college and she’s going to dump Atlanta and retire somewhere else as soon as humanly possible. I cannot imagine how someone in Cynthia’s place must feel now, after five years in that swampland looking back at the life she left behind to land herself into this mess of relationships…and I mean both her marriage AND her Atlanta social circle.

    1. I agree too. Cynthia knew she was on the chopping block for cone, maybe two seasons, and needed to bring some intensity to the season. We all know BRAVO also manipulates and pay these women to create drama for ratings.

    2. You honestly beleive she would put her child through this on national televsion? Just to keep US interested? ….


  2. The love she had for him was damaged when she lost respect for him…when he kept leaning on her financially, when her family was so adamantly opposed to her marriage, when he was flirtatious with other women right in front of her, when he nagged her about her weight and low libido when she was dealing with fibroids, and when he chose to spend 50% of his time in another state. I think she still loves him…but I think she is clinging to the image of another Peter who is not the reality.

    1. I agree, except for the clinging part. I hear a stern tone of resolution in Cynthia’s voice that heretofore we haven’t really seen on the show. To me, the way that she’s sharing her story, and the way she expresses herself in dialog with everyone and in her confessionals is really setting the scene for her to eventually make an exit from this marriage. That said, in addition to any press that she’s done for her eyewear or RHoA, Peter’s been nowhere around. That may be understandable because he really is physically present at Sports One in North Carolina nearly all the time. However, Cynthia has filmed other reality shows with personal events from her private life like her birthday weekend and her daughter’s birthday, and Peter is not only nowhere to be found, he’s not even mentioned as if he almost doesn’t exist. From my spiritual background as a Christian, I am a person that supports “Restoration” in a marriage, but from what these two are showing us, perhaps they are beyond that point of repair…and if so..then so be it.

  3. From the beginning, never knew what she saw in that manipulative, money draining individual.
    She can do so much better and get an upstanding, honest man.

      1. So true – but she needs to say Bye Bye to Peter- he is a user and quite frankly a Loser–to live off his wife and then act so superior NOT COOL or attractive SAD MAN he should be ashamed and go live in a hole

  4. I don’t know if they will split or not but I did find it odd that when she went on the episode of “Below Deck” that she spent her Birthday away from him. That could have just been filming and timing but it seemed indicative of where their relationship might be these days. Thank God she’s finally being honest about it on the show instead of always covering up for him. I do think Bravo might love this storyline as well.

  5. I don’t believe this is a story line to keep Cynthia on the show. No, no, I think the writing was on the wall from the beginning. As she said, from the very day they said I do. Peter has been a ball and chain surrounding her emotionally and financially. Her sister and mom saw it and maybe some fans, but it was there from the beginning. I hope she divorces fast and isn’t hurt to much financially, but I doubt that as well. 🙁

  6. Yes, I believe that marriage is over. How can Cynthia remain with a man she cant respect & who is also a liar & a cheat. Sad, but true. She will be happier without him, the way things are going now, it’s already not a marriage.

  7. I personally think that Cynthia should go ahead and divorce Peter,he is hindering her to the fullest. Is Leon married / in a relationship cause I think those two make the best couple, and it would be great for Noelle to have both her parents together in the same home again. I’m just saying. #team cynthia

  8. She is better off on her own. I think he fell for Model Cynthia. When her wieght, her health issues, her family & their finances showed her as a real live person, his idealized version shattered. Unless she is prepared to become his idealized version again, I would throw in the towel. Life’s to short.

    1. Obviously something went wrong for them to have not stayed together in the first place, but their chemistry when they are in the same room together, good lord!!!

      Now allow me to clean that up by saying, still, I am in favor of Marital Restoration as long as you have both parties fully committed in clear heart, mind, and soul to the tasks before them.

      But lordamighty …when that Leon walks into a room…I get why people look at Papa Smurf in all his Island Man Orneriness and yell, “Be gone!” lol.

  9. Peter is a full blown narcissist who truly doesn’t give a darn about anyone but HIMSELF! These people are dangerous, manipulative, and totally self seeking parasites! Run Cynthia run and don’t look back!! It will never get better because he’s sick.

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