Day: August 6, 2013

Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Believe She Will Go To Jail

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is facing 50 years in prison for fraud and tax evasion, but Teresa’s friend is telling RadarOnline that Teresa doesn’t believe she will go to jail, and that she thinks her husband, Joe, will take the fall for her. “Teresa doesn’t give a

Teresa Giudice Never Thought Jacqueline Would Turn On Her

Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to thank her fans for their support after she and her husband were indicted. Teresa also talks about her sit-down with Jacqueline. She says she never expected Jacqueline to turn on her like she does, and says that she doesn’t have any

Caroline Manzo Says No Divorce For She & Albert, They Are Content With Each Other

Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up any rumors about divorce between her and her husband, Albert. Caroline says she hates that her son, Albie, worries about her relationship with his father and that she wishes he wouldn’t take on other people’s problems. Caroline says she

Melissa Gorga Says Jacqueline Had Nothing To Do With Why Teresa & Joe Gorga Didn’t Speak For A Year

Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to let viewers know that the reason Teresa and her brother didn’t speak for a year had nothing to do with Jacqueline. Melissa says she believes both Teresa and Jacqueline didn’t want to let their friendship go, but notes that she doesn’t

Giudice Family Spends Weekend At Beach Following Indictment

Teresa and Joe Giudice spent the weekend with their kids in the Hamptons following the news of their indictment. The Giudices are facing up to 50 years in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion, but they are spending time with their daughters in the wake of a media frenzy

Gretchen Rossi Responds To Accusations She Proposed To Slade For A Spin-Off Show

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has been accused of proposing to Slade Smiley for a storyline in season 8 and hopes that she and Slade will get a wedding spin-off show. Gretchen is talking to ABC Radio about her proposal. “I’m not a very traditional girl. I kind

Lydia McLaughlin Says It Was Disturbing To Watch How Ryan Culberson Disrespected Her Mom, Judy

Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her mother being thrown out of Vicki’s party by Ryan Culberson. Lydia says it was disturbing to watch how Ryan disrespected her mother, and she wonders if Briana has a different reaction now that she has seen how Ryan acted.