RHOBH Do NOT Think Paul Nassif Was Abusive To Adrienne Maloof!


In this preview for Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Andy asks the women about the allegations Paul Nassif was absusive to Adrienne and his children. Andy brings up the photos that Adrienne’s Chef, Bernie Guzman released on his Facebook page, where Adrienne was bruised and beaten, and Guzman implied Paul had beaten her.

Kyle Richards says Bernie has tried several times to get his name in the press, and she has NEVER seen any signs that there was physical violence going on in Adrienne and Paul’s relationship.

Lisa Vanderpump agrees with Kyle about Bernie, but suggests that Adrienne was behind releasing the photos, because she never came out and publicly denied the abuse allegations against Paul.

Watch below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “RHOBH Do NOT Think Paul Nassif Was Abusive To Adrienne Maloof!”

  1. Oh this is an easy one! Since Paul filed for divorce (Adrienne knew it was coming). Adrienne had to provide ANY kind of proof ANYTHING that would show Paul was abusive in any kind of way because “abuse” is a game-changer during separation or divorce proceedings. This “story” gave Adrienne power over the judges rulings. It’s all part of the Divorce Game lawyers play.

  2. How sad this woman disrespected her husband constantly on camera, even going so far as to call him “pathetic” for playing a cute joke on her at that ridiculous “ZING” party. It looks like Paul tried and tried and couldn’t win with that cold fish of a woman. Money is her first love. From shoes to booze to face cream and purses, she’s constantly peddling something and brags that her family “works hard for 150 years now”. If anything is pathetic, it’s a money hungry, lying fame whore. She went to Lisa’s to garner the attention and look pathetic on camera one final time and gain sympathy from the fans that she likely sensed were drifting away from her, and that was in the worst possible taste as far as timing. I am relieved to have her off the show, she was never going to grow a real personality or become interesting.

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